Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SPECIAL UPDATE! Keeping Track of the Errol Flynn Family

This update is basically a Flynn family tree. At the same time I post this I'll be making a static page of the same info that will be easier to find when this post drops down.

When Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland left Hollywood for good to save Errol from himself they moved to San Francisco and then came to Pleasantview. By then their oldest daughter, Yvette, was a teen. It was after they moved that their other two daughters were born.

Errol and Olivia when they first arrived:

Their three grown daughters, left is Yvette, right is Lalique and bottom is Melanie:

Errol and Olivia in their golden years:

Yvette grew up and married older man Mark Wilson, an old friend of John and Melora Lassiter.

They have two daughters, Simone, shown as a child and then a teen, and Martine, still just an infant (I will add her picture when she becomes a toddler)

Lalique has never married (so far). She used artificial insemination to have her twins, Adrien Gerard and Desiree Maribel.  The donor is actually a man in Pleasantview. I may reveal who he is later...or not.

She's not a member of the family, but she is a member of Lalique's household; Arlene Jankowski is the children's live-in nanny:

Errol and Olivia's youngest daughter, Melanie, married Gareth Caswell:

They have one child so far, Scarlett Angelique:

Gareth's mother is Glenn Caswell, who figures in the blog from time to time. She has a somewhat colorful past and you can read her story HERE starting with Chapter 1.

Glenn on the left, as she looked when she moved to Pleasantview long before Gareth was born, on the right is how she looked when Gareth was a teenager and the one on the bottom is her as the senior she is now (Sims 2 can really mess your Sim's bone structure up when they become a senior or, they can weather it pretty well, like Olivia. You never know which it will be...)


Sovereign Dark said...

I really like that you're doing these, Lori. Having started reading only a few months ago, it certainly helps me to know (visually) who's who. And the close ups bring something new, as well. In this instance, I hadn't realised how very beautiful Yvette is. :)

Lorelei said...

Yes, I just love Yvette in her old-fashioned ponytail. She'd had the same hairdo since the story began. As a former hairstylist I can never leave their hair alone lol I think the new default skins and eyes turned out kind of cool on the adults and teens, but...it has screwed up the toddlers. Also any dark-complexioned Sims like Meadow and Heath. It puts shadows on their face which look much more 3D so I had to remove all eye makeup on the men, which was fine. Again, this looks more realistic. But it creates dark shadows around the eyes of Sims with dark complexions so I've had to work on them trying to make them look less weird. I'm not happy about the toddlers but don't want to get rid of these defaults because all the other sims look better; they now have folds in their eyelids. :)

Sim Girl said...

Errol was a nice hottie was he not? lol as was Gareth. I love these posts, it is so cool to look at everyone, see the changes they went through.
Yvette is indeed very pretty, and Simone too.

Lorelei said...

He he, the real Errol Flynn was most definitely a hottie lol I wish my Errol looked more like him but it was the best I could do back then. I think the new default skin and eyes made him look better, but of course I had to let him go back to being an elder after I got the shot. :D

Lorelei said...

I also love how all three sisters look different yet are obviously related. Nowadays all my kids are clones. :( I'm working on it. Funny thing is I never used "roll the pacifier" back then but they still each turned out slightly different.