The Errol Flynn Family

This update is basically a Flynn family tree. At the same time I post this I'll be making a 'static' page of the same information that will be easy to find when this post drops down eventually. Picture below includes Yvette and Lalique, but Melanie was not born at this time:

When Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland left Hollywood for good to save Errol from himself they moved first to San Francisco, then Carmel and finally they came to Pleasantview. By then their oldest daughter, Yvette was 15. It was after they were in P'view that their other two daughters were born.

Errol and Olivia when they first arrived in Pleasantview:

Their three grown daughters, Yvette on the left, Lalique in the middle and Melanie on the right...

Errol and Olivia in their "golden years":

Yvette grew up and married older man Mark Wilson, an old friend of John and Melora Lassiter.

They have two daughters, Simone, a teenager, and Martine, still just an infant (I will add her picture when she becomes a toddler).

Lalique has never married (at least so far). She used artificial insemination to have her twins, Adrien Gerard and Desiree Maribel. The donor is actually a man in Pleasantview. I may reveal who he is later...or not.

She's not a real member of the family, but she is a member of Lalique's household; Arlene Jankowski is the children's live-in nanny:

Errol and Olivia's youngest daughter (and Lori Ferguson's best friend) is Melanie. She married Gareth Caswell (Harvey Ferguson's best friend!) They have one child so far, Scarlett Angelique.

Gareth's mother is Glenn Caswell, who figures in the blog from time to time. She has a somewhat colorful past and you can read her story (and Gareth's childhood) HERE starting with Chapter 1.

Glenn on the left, as she looked when she moved to Pleasantview long before Gareth was born, in the middle is how she looked when he was a teenager and the one on the right is her as the senior she is now.

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