I only began playing with the Sims 2 game in January of 2010, and was immediately addicted. I preferred to play in Pleasantview where I moved some of the pre-made citizens to the bin and began creating my own. 

My 17 year old niece was the one who got me started. She had just got the Sims 3 and gave me her Sims 2, helping me to learn the basics. She was surprised and had to laugh as I described the many things that had happened to my poor Sims in the first week or two. She claimed she had played for a long time and never experienced the things I had: One of my favorite male Sims, John Lassiter, was kidnapped onto a space ship but did return none the worse for wear (he was NOT alien pregnant afterward, thank goodness). Further, I had taken Brandi Broke's family in hand and Dustin had moved to his own apartment. Both Beau and his brother (the child Brandi is pregnant with when you start out whom I called Jody), were in their teens and their grades were fantastic. After an especially good weekend, Beau went out to pay for the pizza they ordered and a satellite crashed on him right there on the front steps! No warning, no nothing. 2 days later Brandi and Jody were both on their computers when hers crashed and she came over to Jody and demanded he get off his own computer. This ticked me off, so I made her go repair her own computer. Now I had seen repairmen do this, get electrocuted and live to repair another day, but I didn't realize I needed to have her  mechanical skill built up all the way to have the highest chance for her to survive. She aggravated me on a daily basis, so perhaps even if I had known I would still have let her repair it. Well, you guessed it. She was electrocuted and even Jody begging the Grim Reaper for her life was to no avail. So Jody was left to take care of himself. I had an especially soft spot for this Sim, who went on to be tops in the medical field. He was a bachelor for a long time, nurturing a crush on an older woman, Melora Lassiter. Unfortunately I do not have pictures or screenshots of any of these first Sims, only videos.

I do have a tendency to try to make Pleasantview into "Pleasantville" where "life is beautiful all the time". It probably doesn't make for exciting reading, so I'm working on that, but I admit in the Sims world I do, as a rule, prefer rich, beautiful and talented over poverty-stricken, ugly and clueless. Hey, it's my fantasy, Tattoo. But in the meantime, I sent a number of the original Sims to the showers. The Goths and the Caliente sisters went first. I worked on the Pleasant sisters and then got tired of them and they went into the bin. I also did not use the "Aging off" cheat enough at first so many of my parents became seniors while their children were still in grade school. I had a ton of senior citizens. They can be fun, but like toddlers, they are a lot of work, requiring frequent sleep and food and bathroom privileges. No sooner do you get these things done than they wake up so soon it's a pain. 

Also I HATE the way the Sims 2 age; their voices are like those of a 90 year old, the men all become chuckling old goats, lusting after all the women; and the women's bosoms collapse...didn't EA Games ever hear of a good bra? Anyway, some of my favorite Sims died before I could figure out how to slow the aging down. Interesting about the ghosts, but creepy. When it gets old I remove the tombstones.

NOTE: I recently installed (at last) Nightlife and Apartment Life so I finally have a cemetary!

I had built up a neighborhood that was entering their 3rd generation when it crashed spectacularly (mostly because I didn't know what I was doing). I figured I lost all these Sims forever. I uninstalled everything and began again. This time I removed every single resident Sim (except for Brandi Broke and her boys). I decided to recreate, as well as I could, a number of my favorite Sims from the previous Pleasantview. This was good in some ways because I had killed three of my favorite Sims when they became obstreperous and got to have them back. (I'm also working on the temper thing.) Some of them were Sims who had simply died of old age. Almost all of the Sims I create are based on people I know in real life, or old time movie stars, many are based on some characters I created in an unpublished novel. This blog, therefore, is about the recreated families as well as new citizens of my 2nd Pleasantview. I feel a need to tell my Sims 2 stories, I hope you enjoy them. I know I do. Comments are welcome, but please keep things at least PG-17 anyway.

Author's Note: Since I started this blog it has grown to be somewhat of a soap opera. Since that includes or will include more adult themes like extra-marital affairs, suicide, provocative clothing, possible illegal activities and sexual activity, I have decided to make flag my blog as having adult content. There is no swearing or real nudity (I don't count when they bathe or shower as mine are still pixilated), but just to be on the safe side I have changed the setting. 

As always, comments are welcomed and even encouraged!

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