The John Lassiter Family

Some of the families in Pleasantview that have been in the blog since the beginning are now so large that I feel a recap of the relationships would be helpful to the reader. As I do updates on the other families in the next couple months I will finish each family "round" with a refresher chapter on that particular family. This does not mean their story is done, only that the latest update section has finished.

This page is for the John Lassiter family. Eventually I will make a permanent (static) "page" for each family.

When John and Melora Lassiter moved to Pleasantview from North Carolina John had already inherited a large portion of his money through his deceased mother's family. He co-owned a large contracting company with his father in Charlotte and had various other financial pursuits. They were not newlyweds, but had only been married just over two years. Their story--if you have not read it--begins HERE.

John and Melora when they first came to Pleasantview:

They didn't have their children until after they moved to Pleasantview. Photos of their oldest daughter, Grace Elaine and oldest son, David Glenn (18 months younger than Grace). Obviously these are pictures of them as adults:

When Grace and David were in their teens, Melora gave birth to twins, John David Lassiter III (or Trey) and Melora Leigh Lassiter II (Lori). Photos of Trey and Lori as adults:

Melora went on to have a culinary career by the time Lori and Trey started school, eventually landing her own show on the Food Network. She gave up the show to spend more time with her children when the twins were around 9, but she did write a few cookbooks that were published to great acclaim. John, meanwhile, had sold his contracting company some time back and became a famous author with many suspense and mystery novels to his credit as well as a cookbook on grilling and one children's book he wrote when Grace and David were small.

By the time Grace and David moved out and the twins became teenagers, John and Melora looked like this:

Grace grew up and pursued a career in the medical field, becoming Chief of Staff at the Pleasantview Medical Center, sharing the duties with Dr. Jody Broke. She surprised everyone by recently marrying Devon Brecht, the youngest son of one of John and Melora's best friends, Royal and Brenda Brecht. Devon is a best selling author as well. His first book was a smash when he wrote about his mother's true experience aboard a flying saucer. They have no children at this writing.

Their playboy son, David, has never married but recently thrilled the Lassiters by became engaged to Barbara Bel Geddes, considered "the most beautiful girl in Pleasantview". She owns the beauty salon, Bei Capella" in Bluewater Village. David is a retired cop and is looking around for something else to do with his time.

Trey married his high school sweetheart, Chelsea Lomax. Chelsea owns "Chelsea's Flowers", a top-notch florist shop in Bluewater Village and Trey just bought the "Galaxy Arcade". They do not currently have offspring. Chelsea is the daughter of Larry Max and Jenny Lomax and hardly speaks to her mother since she ditched her father for Lonnie Hammond when Chelsea was in high school. She has never met her two half-sisters, Loni Faye and Liara Hammond. At least, not so far.

Lori, the youngest, married her high school sweetheart, too. Harvey and Lori knew each other since childhood, but it was in high school that they hit it off. They have two children, Graylan and ValRae, who are toddlers.

John and Melora are seniors now and finally are grandparents thanks to Lori and Harvey.

John had an affair with Lalique Flynn and she had twins; Adrien and Desiree:

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