The Shep Ferguson Family

Some of the families in Pleasantview that have been in the blog since the beginning are now so large that I feel a recap of the relationships would be helpful to the reader. This is an update and map to the family of Sheppard Ferguson and his wife Madeleine.

When Shep and Madeleine came to Pleasantview from San Francisco they had three children, all teenagers. Gillian was the oldest at 17, Margo was the middle child at 15 and Nicky was the baby of the family at that time, 14 years old. I'm using their adult photos for this and Shep and Madeleine's photos are also dated from that time. Later I will show the parents as elders.

The twins, Harvey and Holly, were born in Pleasantview and Debbie was adopted when she was a little girl, she's just a few years younger than the twins. That made six children, all told.

Sheppard and Madeleine Ferguson at the beginning of the stories:

Their grown children: 

Gillian on the left, Margo in the center, and Nicky on the right:

 Harvey on the left, his twin, Holly, in the center, and Debbie on the right:

Time marches on and as Shep and Madeleine became elders the grandchildren began arriving. Fifteen so far.

Below, Shep and Madeleine as the grandparents and seniors they now are in the story:

By the way, compare the photo above to the one of Madeleine at the top of the page when she was an adult. You'll see the profound changes that happened when she became an elder. Weird. Especially her large pointed ears. The oldest three children inexplicably had pointed ears when I created them as teens. Then Harvey and Holly had pointed ears by the time they became children. In adulthood these elfin ears seem to become fairly normal and then, whammo! With old age they become pointed again and gi-normous as you can see from this additional photo of Madeleine in profile shot:

Eldest daughter Gillian married Jeremy Blackford.

And proceeded to have four children:

That's Robby on the left, Ryan on the right. Robby and Ryan have modified pointed ears, not as pronounced as Gillian's were at that age. Stephen and Sabrina are twins and currently the are at the toddler stage.

Second daughter, Margo married Kevin Candeloro

They also have four children, two sets of twins:

Jamie (James Sheppard, named after Kevin's father Jim and Margo's father, Shep), Maddie (Madeleine Rose, Rose is Kevin's mother's middle name). The younger twins are Mallen De Santis (named after Kevin's great grandmother) and Margaret Claire (Margo's full name) on the far right, to be called Marnie. In Margo's family Jamie has pointed ears, more so than his cousins Robby and Ryan, and it looks as though Mallen might have them too.

                Jamie                 Maddie                  Mallen                Marnie

Nicky married Allyn Thompson: 

They just had twins, boy and girl, named Connor and Lorna, but they, too, are still infants so there are no pictures at this time. (In Sims 2 all infants or "nooboos" look the same except for the color of their eyes and their eyebrows and cannot be photographed by clicking on in the mirror the way toddlers can).

Holly married Andy Lomax right after college and they live in the big Lomax house. Updates on Holly and her family will appear from time to time in the Ferguson chapters but more likely under the Lomax ones .

They have three children. Twins Arliss on the left, and Alexa in the center. Bradley is an infant so no photos of him yet. Arliss is the child with the pointed ears in Holly's family. I thought he looked very much like the Lomax side of the family other than that until Harvey's son, Graylan was born. They look so similar that I'm thinking now I was wrong (see Graylan's picture further down).

Holly's twin, Harvey, married Lori Lassiter, his sweetheart in high school and college. Lori is also a twin with her brother Trey.

So it's not surprising that they just had fraternal twins themselves, Graylan Harvey on the left and Valrae Melora on the right. I don't have good photos of either Harvey or Lori when they were toddlers but so far Valrae looks very much as Lori did when she was little, except for her hair and eye color.

Debbie is not married yet and has no children. She just left to go to the University for further adventures. I'll fill in details on her life as I go.

I hope this helps to keep track of the family if you desire that. And since it is a static page you should be able to refer to it whenever needed.  ~~Author

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