The Lomax-Hammond Family

The Lomax-Hammond family tree is more like a Harry Lauder Walking Stick and it branches out so wide it will be tricky to get it all on one page!

I recently changed the defaults on eyes and skin. This has made such a difference with certain Sims. It seems to happen mostly to any Sim with a darker complexion. The new skin creates shadows that add to the 3D illusion, but on the "tan" Sims it makes the area around the eyes very dark; almost bruised-looking. It is weird on the toddlers, too, which I'm not happy about at all. Still, I like the look of the new skin, I think it's an improvement overall. But the photos of Meadow and Heath Ottomas are a bit premature and that's another reason I used old photos of them at first but I've now replaced them with the lastest photos.

A picture of the afore-mentioned Harry Lauder's Walking Stick (Corylas avellana Contorta): 

When Larry Max and Jenny Lomax moved to Pleasantview their oldest son, Mike, was about 14, Chelsea and Corky were in elementary school and Andy was a toddler.

Larry Max and Jenny:

Mike and Chelsea as adults:

Corky and Andy as adults:

By the time Chelsea was 13 or 14 her mother Jenny was running around on Larry Max while he worked and went to culinary school. 

Mike went on to University and then Larry Max and Jenny divorced. Since Larry Max caught Jenny and Lonnie Hammond in a compromising position together it was a rather nasty breakup. 

Here's a rundown on the Lomax children: Mike married his college sweetheart, Lucy Burb so far they have no children (But that's about to change!). Mike is an executive and Lucy hopes to have a writing career.

Chelsea married her high school love, Trey Lassiter. Chelsea owns and operates Flowers by Chelsea and Trey resigned as mayor and just bought the Galaxy Arcade. At the moment they have no children.

Corky married Elle Broke, adopted daughter of Bobbi Joe (Brandi) Broke (now Cooke). Elle owns and operates Elle's Art Gallery in Bluewater Village, Corky is Dr. Courtney Lomax, medical researcher They are childless at this writing.

Youngest son, Andy, married Holly Ferguson (Harvey Ferguson's twin sister). They have three children; Arliss and Alexa are toddlers and Bradley is just a baby so no picture of him yet. They claim they want six children, but I'm sure my nerves can't take it. They have a live-in nanny, Mrs. Georgia Buckley.

L to R: Arliss, Alexa and Bradley

Mrs. Buckley:

Jenny remarried a couple years later to former playboy Lonnie Hammond. Lonnie owns and operates Le Magnifique! International Restaurant in Bluewater Village. They have two daughters together; Loni Faye and Liara Kaye. As for the tree, Loni Faye and Liara have four half-siblings on the Lomax side and one half-sibling on the Hammond side; none of whom do they know about.

Loni Faye and Liara:

Now the other branch is a little trickier. Unbeknownst to him, Lonnie has a son. Before he was married he dated Meadow Thayer for a short time (Meadow was single then) and she conceived a son, Heath. When Heath was an infant Meadow married Brian Ottomas and Brian adopted Heath and is raising him as his son. Lonnie doesn't know about Heath; Heath doesn't know about Lonnie. So far.

Below is their son, Heath Ottomas. As you can see from the photos of his three children, Lonnie has some strong genes. Jenny's are nearly as strong so the girls have her nose and mouth, but Lonnie's hair, skin and eyes. Meadow, on the other hand, seems only to pass on her dark complexion, (even to her other children with Brian Ottomas). So Heath looks amazingly like Lonnie. This will be more apparent as he gets older and when his photo reflects the new skin and eyes.I have to say that Sims genetics continue to fascinate me...

So, Heath has two half-siblings on the Lomax-Hammond side and five half-siblings on the Ottomas side. Again, he doesn't know about his two half-sisters, Loni Faye and Liara on one side and he does not yet know that the siblings he lives with are actually half-siblings. 

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