The Brian Ottomas Family

When Pete and Samantha Ottomas moved to Pleasantview from Crystal Creek they had three children; Dylan, a teenager, Sharla, in elementary school and Tommy, who was two years old. Living with them was Pete's mother, Doralee Ottomas.

Not long afterward Samantha gave birth to twins, Brian and Bridget. The twins were conceived during a love affair before the family moved. The father was Frank Newbie [now deceased], a first cousin (and look-alike) of Bobbi Jo (nee Newbie) Broke. Bobbi Jo was the widow of Skip Broke and is now married to Julian Cooke. Pete knew the twins were not his but generously forgave Samantha and raised them as his own. Eventually Pete and Samantha also adopted Damon as an infant from the Pleasantview Children's Home.

Pete and Samantha when they first moved to P'view:

"Nana" Doralee Ottomas before and after her extreme makeover; 

After extensive plastic surgery, hormone injections and intense dieting and exercise, Doralee went on to finish her military career and then moed into a modern house with her now adult granddaughter, Sharla. Alas, the years did finally catch up with Doralee and she passed on to other realms.

Pete and Samantha's children together are just below; Dylan, Sharla, Tommy and Damon. I'm sorry I don't have decent photos of Sharla land Damon. I have not played Sharla in ages and she is in the Sim Bin. Damon has headed to University and I'll be able to get a photo of him there, but I have not had time to play University.

                                 Dylan                          Sharla

                                                   Tommy                       Damon

Just before Pete and Samantha moved to Pleasantview she had been in a rather torrid and prolonged affair with Frank Newbie. When she became pregnant she told Pete and asked for his forgiveness. He agreed as long as she would never see Frank again and he also agreed to be a father to the child she was carrying. The moved to Pleasantview and eventually she gave birth to twins, Bridget and Brian. Frank Newbie never knew that he had children by her.

Samantha and the twins' biological father, Frank Newbie:

I was going to use old pictures of Brian and Bridget, that is, with the old default skin and eyes, because they are more easily compared to their parents, whose photos I cannot update. However; I'd like readers to have the most updated photos as they (hopefully) continue to read the blog so I'm including both old and new photos of Brian and his sister. Brian is the younger twin by two minutes. As you can see Brian's resemblance to his late father is quite marked.

Bridget and Brian:

New photos of Brian and Bridget (with the nw default eyes and skin):

Updates on the Ottomas family follow. Pete and Samantha are elders now

Oldest son, Dylan, married Elaine Stewart and then bought Club Dante, eventually selling out to Brian, whom he had already made manager. Elaine is the chef at Le Magnifique! the restaurant owned and operated by Lonnie Hammond. Even though Dylan and Elaine may look rather sinister and sort of melancholy at first glance, they are both outgoing, happy people always ready to lend a hand to family or even strangers. They are into rock music of all eras, the nightlife and they enjoy looking offbeat and a trifle exotic. They have never been able to have children, which saddens them since they love kids. (But considering their unfortunate noses, this is probably best...) Meanwhile they continue to enjoy thei rnices and nephews thanks to Brian and Meadow.

 After living for a few years in a house with her Nana and traveling around the world Sharla moved to France and married a diplomat there. She lives full time in Paris now. I have no recent pictures of her either at this writing. Will she ever return to Pleasantview and her roots? Not likely, but then again; you never know. When a person has been raised in Pleasantview it calls them back  like a siren's song.

Immediately after graduation Tommy moved to California and never looked back. He has a wife and family in San Diego that the family has never even met. Again, whether he will ever return to Pleasantview is problematic.

Damon, as mentioned, is at University and there are no photos of him there yet. This is one from when he was in high school. Three of the girls at U had crushes on Damon in high school; Debbie Ferguson, Scotti Lynn Ferguson and, if memory serves, one of the Blackford twins.

Brian's twin, Bridget, has never married (so far). She considered herself, until recently an excellent businesswoman and bought a home of her own. When Brian finally surface from his ten year self-imposed exile and came home to P'view, she asked him to move in with her and share expenses. Brian's stay resulted in the somewhat infamous "Brian-and-Lori Romance" where the teenaged Lori Lassiter developed an enormous crush on older man Brian and pursued him for weeks. Finally, not trusting his self-control to last forever, in desperation Brian again banished himself. This time, though, he did not stay incommunicado with his family and visited his parents from time to time when the band was on a break or playing nearby.

Lori meets Brian and falls head over heels: 

When Bridget and Brian had a falling out shortly after he left P'view it wasn't that long before Bridget decided to sell her house and move out of state. The Ottomas family does seem to have a tendency to always head for new horizons far from Pleasantview. Especially when things go wrong. Only recently has Bridget come home after financial reverses, both national and personal, brought her down. She has moved back in with her parents and works at a furniture store in Bluewater Village, but she hopes this is temporary. Brian does not speak to her to this day which is extremely unlike him. He has not even discussed it with Meadow and she does not know why he refuses to see Bridget.  And after something that occurs in a chapter still ahead (Ch. 18) he may never tell Meadow what happened. He has not been over to his parents' house since Bridget moved there; he only sees them when they come to his house. Actually way down deep he has come to feel he would like to mend fences with Bridger but after all this time he is not sure how to do it. It's very sad because they once were very close.

Brian and Bridget years ago when they had a house together:

Before Meadow became Brian's wife she had a son, Heath, by Lonnie Hammond. Lonnie didn't know anything about it, but Meadow has just recently told the truth to both Heath and Lonnie. Brian loves Heath as his son and adopted him when he was only an infant.

Old pictures of Meadow and Lonnie Hammond:

New photos with new default skin and eyes:

Their son (and Brian's adopted son), Heath Skyler Ottomas as both a child and a teen (old photos) and as a teen with new defaults on the right:

After Brian adopted Heath, he and Meadow went on to have five more children; Brook, Willow, Rocky and the new baby twins, North, and Raine. Heath and Brook have become teenagers, and Rocky has joined Willow in grade school, but since that part of the story is not yet published I've used their old photos. When the story catches up I will post the newest photos, including the ones with the new default skin and eyes.

Brian and Meadow:

L to R: Brook Elizabeth, Willow Annette and Rockwell Brian (Rocky)

And the twins, North and Raine:

And that's the family...right now anyway.