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The Lassiters Ch. 6 The Twins Are Growing Up Pt. 5

It was midnight that same night, and Trey was getting ready to do some cruising of his own. Lori had no idea he was gone, because his bedroom door was shut with the lights out when she came upstairs. That was because at the moment she came in the front door, he’d been silently waiting in the darkened dining room for Gareth to pick him up. Lori had walked right by the dining room door but had never seen him. Gareth arrived in his beat up car which seemed incredibly noisy to Trey at the moment. Managing to get out the door without getting caught, Trey was immensely relieved when they were finally on their way out of town.

It was really a little late to get started, most of the drive-in’s closed by 1 or 2 am. So they knew they might not see many of their friends, but Trey was feeling rebellious and it gave him some sort of release to thumb his nose at his parents for the moment. 

“What’ll we do after 2?” Trey asked.

“Search me,” Gareth replied, then winked, “But I do happen to know that Lisa Lothario is having a party at her house right now; and you know her Dad lets her do anything she wants so it should be pretty wild. I doubt it will end well—or end early, my man.”

This was music to Trey’s ears, "Let's go have some fun."

“You know, I’ll be 17 in two weeks,” he said, “I ought to be able to do whatever I want, by now, you'd think."

Gareth just laughed at that, “Get real, dude. The parents hold all the power. That’s just the way it is. You need to get your grades back up, man, get through high school and we will be so on our way to college! And then, look out! There will be no stopping us, then, Trey!” he slowed the car and peered ahead, ah, there was the road. As soon as they turned onto it they could see where the party was.

“Man, look at all those beautiful lights---the party is definitely still going ON.” 

Teens they didn't even know were coming in and going out the front door, talking in scattered groups on the lawn and next to cars. Even from here they could see in the windows of the house, where there seemed to be even more kids and general carousing. They looked at each other and chanted in unison,

"Par-tay! Par-tay! Par-tay!” 

Cars were deposited willy-nilly all over the front yard, so Gareth pulled up near a clump of rhododendrons and parked there. Looked to him to be as good a place as any. They headed into the house where music was blasting out of the windows at a deafening level. There seemed to be no adults in sight. Par-tay!


This particular social function was destined to hit a snag eventually. Around 4 am a neighbor finally called the police because of the noise and the celebration was over. Lisa’s dad didn’t even care, he stood around joking with the cops. Anyway, luck was with Trey because he actually managed to sneak back in the house at 4:30 without getting caught. He couldn’t believe he made it. This was the first time he’d ever tried. He had no idea how Gareth managed to come and go at his own house all the time and his Mom never knew. And Aunt Glenn had been a detective. Go figure.

Feeling guilty about last night, Saturday morning Lori got up early and made breakfast for everyone. She was in a good mood and wouldn’t let her mother even clear the table after the meal.

Trey ate his cheese omelet quickly and quietly. This was not the time to call attention to himself. He was wearing the clothes he’d worn last night. He’d slept in them and they were a wrinkled mess. He was thanking his lucky stars his mother had not noticed. It was not unusual for Trey to go out on a Friday or Saturday night and flop in his bed fully clothed, much to his mother’s aggravation. The point was he was supposed to have been in the house all night and as far as they knew he’d been in bed before midnight. He’d gone downstairs in his pajamas at one point in the evening claiming he needed a snack. His parents had been watching TV in the living room. He’d done that purposely, so they would be sure he was going to bed. Now he cast nervous glances at his mother, especially, waiting for her to ask him why he was wearing the same clothes, but she never said a thing. The minute he was done eating, Trey hurried to shower and change into jeans and a t-shirt. He went down to watch some TV, but he was so tired from no sleep by that time that he crashed on the sofa before noon.

Lori was over at Melanie’s by 1 pm. They played pool, but she’d suddenly get a faraway look because she was thinking about Brian. Melanie could tell that’s what was happening, but she didn’t say anything. 

Lori got a text from Brian while she was there. Just chit chat, but he said he wanted her to know he was thinking about her. She told Melanie and they grabbed each other in glee and danced around a bit, giggling. Even though Melanie didn’t think she could ever be attracted to a man that age; it was dramatic and a little scary, and they didn’t get that much excitement in their lives as a rule.

Saturday night Melora said she could go out again—yes!

So she went to Galaxy Arcade in Bluewater Village hoping to bump into some friends. Melanie was over at her sister Yvette’s for the night. Holly was going to the movies with Colby Trimble, and Elle had started a part-time job and had to work. If she could she might meet Lori there after 10. Trey was still grounded so he grudgingly let her borrow his car.

Youth is fickle. While she was there Harvey Ferguson, Holly’s twin brother, showed up. They danced and then ended up talking for some time and Lori, feeling the coquette because of her “secret love”, flirted with him in a way that she never had before. In fact, Harvey was surprised to notice his sister’s childhood friend had grown to be such an attractive girl. He’d seen her often throughout his childhood when she was running around the house with Holly. Evidently, he decided, he hadn’t paid much attention the last couple of years. Frequently he'd had his own friends over when Lori was with his sister. Now he took a closer look. You know, she was really kind of pretty and she was talking with him in a quite flattering way. He leaned over at some point and kissed her. Lori was ecstatic (and grateful) to have finally received her very first kiss from a boy. He followed with a few more kisses when Lori got in the front seat of his car. Lori had not one thought of Brian at this point in time. Not one.

Harvey was sweet, she contemplated the next day, of course he was immature compared to Brian. Harvey had pretty eyes, though, as pretty as Brian's. Melanie always said "bedroom eyes" when she talked about a boy with nice eyes. That usually made Lori giggle, but she didn't feel like giggling now. She thought Harvey might be considered a good kisser, too, although she had really had no way of knowing for sure since she’d only kissed one boy. She daydreamed, trying out titles...Harvey's girl, Mrs. Harvey Ferguson, Lori Ferguson. Oh, that's ridiculous she chided herself, all he did was kiss you a few times. It was true, she’d had a crush on him since they were small, but it had been unrequited; he’d never paid any particular attention to her before tonight. Of course...she wouldn’t have to lie to her parents to see Harvey or talk about him. Then she saw that she’d received a text from Brian, and poor Harvey went slap out of her head.

“How R U, princess?”

How could she have forgotten about Brian, even for
few hours? Her thumbs flew as she texted a reply.

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