Monday, October 18, 2010

Glenn Caswell - Ch. 1

Glenn was an independent woman and close friend (since childhood) of John Lassiter and Jim Candeloro. They were like brothers to her, having grown up together in Georgia.

Jim Candeloro

John Lassiter:

Born in Atlanta, Glenn moved to New York City after college, where she went into law enforcement and progressed from uniformed officer to detective. Burned out after a few years, she moved back to Atlanta and went into business as a private detective, frequently traveling to North Carolina to do work for John and his company. Then she got the call from John to come visit him and his wife, Melora and check out the beautiful coastal town they lived in. After a couple of visits, Glenn was convinced this was the place for her to make a new start and she moved to Pleasantview and decided to go into the intelligence field. She ended up in the administrative end eventually.

She had always liked physical activity so it was natural (and practical with her career) to keep in shape. She also excelled in sports; particularly basketball and soccer. 

Another favorite pastime of hers was games; almost all kinds of games, including video, pinball, pool and various board games.

When Glenn first moved to Pleasantview she began an ill-advised friendship with her maid, Kaylynn Langerak, who turned out to have emotional problems that sabotaged the relationship. 


This ended badly when Kaylynn wrote slanderous things on Facebook about Glenn and even tried to set her garbage can on fire. So Glenn fired Kaylynn and hired a new maid, Lucy Hanby. This time she concentrated on treating Lucy as a paid employee, rather than a friend and confidante.

The more laid-back Lucy Hanby:

Finding no man in town that tripped her trigger, Glenn concentrated on her career and maintaining her long-time friendships with John and Melora, Jim and Bonnie, and Roger and Brenda Brecht. Retiring from the SCIA—and with no new romance on the horizon—Glenn started teaching. She loved having company over for cookouts and game nights (her home at this time was small but elegant). Though she felt at times a little restless and would have liked to be in a romantic relationship, she was never lonely. All in all, she thought she had a life better than most.

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