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Glenn Caswell Ch. 2 - Changing Your Life

Knowing her biological clock was ticking, and concluding that at her age (pushing 40) it was getting less and less likely she would find someone she wanted to marry; Glenn decided she did not want to wait any longer to have a child and would use artificial insemination. The only men she really respected were John and Jim, but rather than cause a problem with their wives by asking either of them to be paternity donors (she was close friends with both women), Glenn opted for an unknown insemination donor. She had an easy pregnancy and went on maternity leave shortly before her son was born. She named him Gareth John, loved him dearly from the moment he was born. He became the absolute center of her existence. 

A pregnant Glenn asked for counsel from a close friend, Madeleine Ferguson, who bore and raised 5 children, two of them still at home! As she finished Shep Ferguson (Madeleine's hubby) arrived to greet her, but Glenn seemed a little stuck for words...

Glenn delivering her son--no hospital, no doctor (but that is the Sims 2 way).

"Are you Mommy's precious little nooboo? Yes, you are!"

After being alone so long Glenn had suffered qualms now and then during her pregnancy that she would not have the patience to deal with a child or put his needs first. She need not have worried. The moment he was born Gareth became her whole world and she wondered whatever had she done before she had this little person to love and care for in her life.  Glenn has been considering whether she should be a stay at home mom for Gareth and give up her career, or use a nanny. She didn't like what she'd heard about the nannies in town, so it looked as though her career would go on hiatus. She made a lot of money in the SCIA and always had lived conservatively, so she felt she could get by on her investments until Gareth was older.  Glenn made some changes to her floor plan to make way for a good sized room for Gareth.

Gareth's toddler years:

More cuddling just before his birthday

It seemed to Glenn that years just flew by. Soon Gareth was a young boy in school. No longer a baby, he was great company! 

Future architect?

Corky Lomax over for dinner
Mary Mack with Holly Ferguson

Holly and Gareth. This pic turned out so cute Glenn sent a copy to Holly's mom, Madeleine

Glenn helping Gareth with his homework:  

Now that Gareth had reached school age, Glenn was not going back to teaching yet. She decided to write a novel: a mystery, or more accurately a crime novel. With her experience on the Police Force, as a private detective and in the SCIA, who could be better versed in the subject? Gareth continued to be an exceptional student, who seemed to learn new things more quickly than many of his fellow pupils. Meanwhile, now that she was 45, Glenn wondered if she would ever meet the right guy, but she had her standards set very high, perhaps no man could live up to them. She had her boy to think about as well--she didn't want just anyone around him. She was extremely attractive, but her independence had run men off before. Only time would tell.

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