Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Glenn Caswell Ch. 3 - Three Lakes Vacation

In the late fall, Glenn decided to take Gareth on a camping trip to the resort called Three Lakes, which was situated up in the mountains. He’d been talking about (or asking about) for over a year. Glenn was brought up in the countryside of Georgia, but it had been many years since her childhood. Since then she had been a city girl, both in Atlanta and New York City. Nevertheless she wanted to give it a try. 

Leaving for the airport on a frosty morning..

Glenn was not shy about asking other tourists or local people to take their photo. They usually mugged for the camera. Like here at the Three Lakes Market where they bought the proper clothing, souvenirs and Glenn indulged in some jewelry purchases.

First day at the campground:

Sitting around the campfire the first night 

They spent the first day at the market, on a nature tour and fishing at the campground. Marshmallows and ghost stories around the campfire were, of course, mandatory.

Gareth enjoyed catfish for breakfast at Smooth Rock Spa.

The next day they went to the Lumber Mill Range where Glenn checked out the axe throwing and Gareth did a little more fishing. With their natural competitiveness they both absolutely loved the log roll.

From there they took a tour, then went to Smooth Rock Spa where they soaked in the natural hot springs, Gareth did a little more fishing, Glenn hit the sauna and then learned how to do deep tissue massage.

They had planned on camping out in a tent the whole time, but after two days and two nights when they endured episodes with swarming bees and poison ivy, then plummeting temperatures and a heavy rain storm Glenn decided to leave the camping grounds and move to the elite Blue Sky Hotel for the last 2 nights of their stay so they could favor their bites and rashes with dips in the tub, and dry out the camping equipment. 

Early morning fishing at the campground...

One particularly weird happening was on the last night at Wood Axe. Glenn, in warm pajamas, climbed into the tent with her child after a nice shower and went to sleep. It was pouring out. Around 2:30 am she found herself practicing the “chest thump” gesture with a fellow camper, she was covered in dirt, her hair gone crazy, standing up in peaks and she was wearing only her underwear. She still had no idea how she got that way in the morning. 

They packed up and moved on to the hotel the next day. The beautiful Sky View Hotel up in the mountains overlooked the town below.

The game room at the hotel where they played Don't Wake The Llama with fellow tourists.

They were too tired to go out one night for supper, so they ordered room service (pork chops)

 Checking out of the hotel:

Catching the shuttle to the airport on the last morning

Glenn and Gareth still had a great time overall, but Glenn came to the conclusion that her “roughing it” days were far behind her. Still the campfire and marshmallows were a so much fun, and so was the fishing at the campground pond. There were so many games and activities at the hotel that Gareth and Glenn were in heaven. They decided when they go back (and Glenn planned to do that) they thought they would go to the hotel first and the campground last.

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