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Bobbi Jo Broke or I Lived Two Lives...Part 1

Bobbi Jo started life as Brandi Broke. This Sim comes with the game and in my Pleasantview she has had two incarnations. When the game begins Brandi is a widow with two sons, Dustin, a delinquent teenager and, Beau, a toddler. Their father was Skip Broke who “died in a suspicious pool accident”.When you see how small the pool was; it's believable, but who yanked up those pool steps? In addition, Brandi is pregnant with a child who, according to reports I've read, came along at a time that Skip could not be his father. Evidently, since the baby looks exactly like Bobbi Jo and is a boy, this indicates there is no father. Artificial insemination? That or the ability via boolProp for females to get impregnated by anyone or even themselves.

Brandi as she looks when you start the game next to her is the late Skip Broke:

The widow Broke with her sons Dustin, the teenager, and Beau, the toddler

They live in a mobile home where they are quite cramped. As I said, Brandi is pregnant with a third child which, in my case, was a boy whom I named Jody. In my first Plainview (before it crashed), Brandi’s family did not fare well at all. 

The first Pleasantview version: Brandi wanted to make money but could not do so because she had to stay home with Beau and little Jody. After several nightmares with the nanny, she just could not leave them in someone else’s care. Besides, the Nanny would never teach Jody the things he needed to know like potty-training, learning to walk and talk. The Nanny mainly watched TV, left dirty diapers all around the house and set fire to the stove while cooking. Luckily, Bobbi Jo had a windfall of $50,000 from a distant great aunt that helped quite a bit.

Dustin Broke, delinquent

Beau Broke, little tyke

Now Dustin had been a good child up until his father’s death when he was around 13, then he began acting out. In desperation, Brandi made him quit his job (which was none too savory) and concentrate on his homework to get his failing grades up to par. She also kept Angela Pleasant out of his life for a while, making sure they only saw each other in school and on weekends. Later, the Pleasant family left town so that made things easier for Brandi. Finally, Dustin seemed to be on track. As an adult he finished his schooling and moved out to his own place. Meanwhile by this time the younger two boys were both in high school, when some terrible unforeseen things happened. 

After a particularly good weekend of swimming and a cookout (see video) the that Sunday night they decided to order a pizza because Brandi had just begun a new job that would start Monday and didn’t want to fool with cooking supper.  Beau went out to pay for it and right there, on the front steps, he was hit by an errant flying saucer and killed immediately. He hadn’t even finished high school!

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures for any of this, evidently I didn't realize I could even make them. Same with the movies except for the video of them in the pool taken that very night. I only have a few videos of the adult Jody from this first Pleasantview all from early in his adulthood. I hate to not have photos, but I wanted to tell the difference between my old Pleasantview (when I didn't know much about how to do things) and my 2nd Pleasantview (after the "crash" of April 2010) and just had to do it without the photos.

Anyway, Beau's untimely death was a shock both to me and to the Brokes. Jody and Brandi were crushed, of course. A few days later, Jody was playing SXS3 on the pc in his bedroom and Brandi was on her computer doing work for her job. Suddenly, Brandi’s computer went kaphlooey! Irritable from the stress of the past week; Brandi stormed into Jody’s room and demanded he get off his computer so she could use it. However; by this time Jody had begun a project for school on his computer, so Brandi gave in and decided to try to fix her own computer. Her mechanical skills were not high at all and I had not been playing long and didn’t realize this could be risky. She was quickly electrocuted. Now, I had seen that happen to the repairman repeatedly and it never killed him; he just walked around with his hair sticking out for a while. But this time it was fatal, even though Jody begged the Grim Reaper. The Reaper gave a riddle to Jody who could not answer it and that was that.

Poor Jody was now all alone. Luckily, because he was no longer a child but a teenager, the social worker left him alone. The first couple nights after the accidents Jody was plagued by ghosts, which sorrowed him more than frightened him, so he had Beau’s gravestone and Brandi’s urn moved to Forest Lawn Cemetery on the edge of town. The evenings quieted down immediately.

The Broke family swimming in their teeny-tiny pool. Later that evening Beau would be dead.

Jody lived for some time in the same house until he grew to be an adult. In fact, Jody became the big success of the family (since Dustin, sadly, returned to his career in crime.) The original house was sold to Jenna Simmons after Jody finished med school and had become an intern. Then he moved to his own home on Professional Row and continued his career, eventually becoming chief of staff at the hospital. He was a bachelor for a very long time; he just couldn’t find anyone he was really crazy about (who was available). Time passed though, and then he met, fell crazy in love with, and married the beautiful Barbara Bel Geddes. They had just had their first child, Max, and he was a toddler when my game crashed or, more accurately, exploded. *sigh*

Jody (when he still lived by himself at the Broke house) with his best friend, Royal Devon.

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