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Bobbi Jo Broke or I Lived Two Lives--Continued

Hope you have read Part 1 of "I Lived Two Lives". That was all in my first Pleasantview. So here is their story so far in my revised Pleasantview. I still have limited photos because I did not take screen captures until recently.

Brandi was, again, a stay-at-home mom while Jody and Beau went through school, although she did go back to school for a while to learn journalism.  Meanwhile, Brandi became “Bobbi Jo”. It seemed to fit her personality better and besides, there was already another Brandi in Pleasantview, Brandi LeTourneaux, an NPC who became a bona fide citizen of Pleasantview after rooming for a bit at the home of the Candeloros. But that’s another story. Of course, I think you’ll understand if the Brokes in this Pleasantview never ordered pizza, or did their own home repairs…

Bobbi Jo decided to make a little money boarding adults and she also took in a couple of teenagers to foster during these years. So at this point she had already swapped the single wide for a double-wide, now she reinforced everything and added a second floor. Chloe Gonzaga was one of the teens who lived with Bobbi Jo until she finished school and got a job. Another was Leonid Olfshki, who also stayed until he recently became an adult.  Bobbi Jo finally got her career in journalism going when Jody became a teenager and Beau grew up and began working. Again, Dustin had moved out when he was an adult, but never went back to a criminal career this time. Bobbi Jo became interested around this time in the creative arts, painting masterpieces and becoming an accomplished seamstress.

Bobbi Jo making her famous stuffed trout

Bobbi Jo talking with a very pregnant friend, Calista GilsCarbo

One of her foster children Leonid:

Bobbi Jo has been much happier this time, and lived longer, too. She also enlarged the teeny-tiny pool they had when Skip was here, but made sure there were TWO ladders available and added a slide for the kids. She grew her hair longer and kept it in a lovely chignon, then changed her mind and cut it quite short. She was always a pretty girl, but the new haircut and a makeup makeover made her into a gorgeous woman. No matter what the length of her hair, though, Bobbi Jo prefers to wear some sort of bang because of her high forehead.

Bobbi Jo gave up her career at this time because she had decided to adopt a child and Bobbi Jo wanted to be home with her or him. Elle was only six years old.

"I thought the agency would bring the child to us," Bobbi Jo told a friend, "But we had everything ready and look out the door and Elle was all by herself, just walking along the sidewalk toward the house in her little blue dress. And she just walked her way right into our hearts."

They were extremely close and Bobbi Jo had the daughter she'd always wanted. Elle, who was smart as a whip, soon had her brothers wrapped around her finger, and maintained excellent grades. She loves the color pink (because Bobbi Jo loves pink), video games and playing with her dollhouse. The first little while she stayed in Bobbi Jo’s room for about a year, until she got comfortable, then Bobbi Jo made a room for her upstairs and she slept up there, along with her brothers. But she was allowed to climb in with her mother any time.

 Elle sleeping in Bobbi Jo's bed the first couple nights. Then they put a bed in there for her.

Beau was very successful in his career as an adventurer; then he went on to learn architecture, finally he moved into Dustin’s house with him and they are two of the swinging bachelors in Pleasantview. Well Beau is a swinging bachelor; Dustin, surprisingly, is much more reserved with women.

Beau the bachelor

Dustin Broke

Recently Bobbi Jo met her new neighbor, Julian Cooke, and THAT was love at first sight. After all these years Bobbi Jo was in love again! She invited Julian over to get to know the family better--Julian, the chef, grilled fish—which won the hearts of Leonid and Jody. They were already grown and starting their respective careers, but still their opinion was important to Bobbi Jo. Everyone who met Elle loved her and Julian was no different. This was especially important because Elle was still a child and Bobbi Jo wanted what was best for her. Elle had no compunctions; Julian romped in the pool with all of them and played a game with her later and she decided he was just right for their family. In fact, this was the weekend that Julian proposed. When Bobbi Jo said yes, he began adding an addition to his home so Elle had her own room as she did at home and so Bobbi Jo could have an art studio. Jody and Leonid would keep the Broke home and live there.

Julian Cook over for a cookout and swimming with the adult Jody and Leonid, Little Elle and Bobbi Jo

Jody snapped this photo of Julian and Bobbi Jo, then went out with some friends not knowing that Julian would be proposing to his mom in a short while. Luckily, he liked Julian and was fine with the news.

There will be more posts on Bobbi Jo and Elle and their new life with Julian. There will also be later posts on Jody and Leonid as they pursue their careers (and women).

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