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SPECIAL UPDATE! Organizing the Ottomas Family

Some of the families in Pleasantview that have been in the blog since the beginning are now so large that I feel a recap of the relationships would be helpful to the reader. As I do updates on the other families in the next couple months I will finish each family section with a refresher chapter on that particular family. This does not mean their story is done, just that the latest update section is closed. However; in this case--the Brian Ottomas family--because I have twice as many chapters as usual on the family, I'm putting their family tree update in the middle of the family section or "round".  I will make the same page as a "static" page as well that can be viewed using a tab at the top of the home page any time.

When Pete and Samantha Ottomas moved to Pleasantview from Crystal Creek they had three children; Dylan, a teenager then, Sharla, in elementary school, and Tommy who was two years old. Living with them was Pete's mother, Doralee Ottomas.

Not long afterward Samantha gave birth to twins Brian and Bridget. The twins were conceived during a love affair before the family moved. The father was Frank Newbie [now deceased], a first cousin of Bobbi Jo (nee Newbie) Broke. Bobbi Jo was the widow of Skip Broke and is now married to Julian Cooke. Pete knew the twins were not his but generously forgave Samantha, adopted them and raised them as his own. Eventually Pete and Samantha also adopted Damon as an infant from the Pleasantview Children's Home.Pete and Samantha when they first moved to P'view;

"Nana" Doralee Ottomas before and after her extreme makeover:

After extensive plastic surgery, hormone injections and intense dieting and exercising, Doralee went on to finish her military career and then moved into a modern house with her granddaughter, Sharla. Alas, the years finally caught up with Doralee and she has passed on to other realms.

Pete and Samantha's children together are just below, Dylan, Sharla, Tommy and Damon. I'm sorry I don't have decent photos of Sharla and Damon. I have not played Sharla in ages and she is in the Sim Bin. Damon has headed to University and I'll be able to get a photo of him there, but I have not had time to play University. So he languishes in the University Sim Bin along with Debbie Boyle Ferguson, Jessamyn and Janice Blackford, Scotti Lynn Ferguson, Lisa Trottier Goth, brothers Shane and Vic Severino, and another set of brothers: Brand and Brooks Generica. Hopefully I can get to them before summer!

                       Dylan                                         Sharla
                        Tommy                                       Damon

Just before Pete and Samantha moved to Pleasantview she had been in a rather torrid and prolonged affair with Frank Newbie. When she became pregnant she told Pete and asked for his forgiveness. He agreed as long as she would never see Frank again and he also agreed to be a father to the child she was carrying. They moved to Pleasantview and eventually she gave birth to twins, Bridget and Brian.

Samantha and the twins' biological father, Frank Newbie:

I was going to use old pictures of Brian and Bridget; they are more easily compared to their parents, whose photos I cannot update. However; I'd like readers to have the most updated photos as they (hopefully) continue to read the blog so I'm including both old and new photos of Brian and his sister. Brian is the younger twin by two minutes. As you can see Brian's resemblance to his late father is quite marked.Old photos of twins Bridget and Brian:

New photos of Brian and Bridget (with the new default eyes and skin):

Updates on the Ottomas family follow. Pete and Samantha are elders now:

Oldest son, Dylan, married Elaine Stewart and then bought Club Dante, eventually selling out to Brian, whom he had already made manager. Elaine is the chef at Le Magnifique! the restaurant owned and operated by Lonnie Hammond. Even though Dylan and Elaine may look rather goth and sort of melancholy at first glance, they are both outgoing, happy people always ready to lend a hand to family or even strangers; they are into rock music of all kinds, the nightlife and they enjoy looking offbeat and a trifle exotic. They have never been able to have children, which saddens them since they love kids. (But considering their unfortunate noses, this is probably best...). Meanwhile they continue to enjoy their nieces and nephews thanks to Brian and Meadow.

After living for a few years in a house with her Nana and traveling around the world Sharla moved to France and married a diplomat there. She lives full time in Paris. I have no recent pictures of her either. Will she ever return to Pleasantview and her roots? Not likely, but then again; you never know. When a person has been raised in Pleasantview it calls them back like a siren's song.

Immediately after graduation Tommy moved to California and never looked back. He has a wife and family in San Diego that the family has never even met. Again, whether he will ever return to Pleasantview is problematic.

Damon, as was mentioned, is at University and there are no photos of him there yet. This is one from when he was in high school. Three of the girls at U had crushes on Damon in high school; Debbie Ferguson, Scotti Lynn Ferguson and, if memory serves, one of the Blackford twins.

Brian's twin, Bridget, has never married (so far). She considered herself, until recently, an excellent businesswoman and bought a home of her own. When Brian finally surfaced from his ten year self-imposed exile and came home to P'view, she asked him to move in with her and share expenses. Brian's stay resulted in the somewhat infamous "Brian-and-Lori Romance" where the teenaged Lori Lassiter developed an enormous crush on older man Brian and pursued him for weeks. Finally, not trusting his self-control to last forever, in desperation Brian again banished himself. This time, though, he did not stay incommunicado with his family and visited his parents from time to time when the band was on a break or playing nearby. 

Early chapters concerning Lori and Brian's meeting and ill-fated romance:

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When Bridget and Brian had a falling out shortly after he left P'view it wasn't that long before Bridget decided to sell her house and move out of state. The Ottomas family does seem to have a tendency to always head for new horizons far from Pleasantview. Especially when things go wrong. Only recently has Bridget come home after financial reverses, both national and personal, brought her down. She has moved back in with her parents and works at a furniture store in Bluewater Village, but she hopes this is temporary. Brian does not speak to her to this day which is extremely unlike him. He has not even discussed it with Meadow and she does not know why he refuses to see Bridget.  And after something that occurs in Chapter 18 (several days from now) he may never tell Meadow what happened. He has not been over to his parents' house since Bridget moved there; he only sees them when they come to his house. Actually way down deep he has come to feel he would like to mend fences with Bridget but after all this time he is not sure how to do it. It's very sad because they once were very close.

Brian and Bridget years ago when they had a house together:

Before Meadow Thayer became Brian's wife she had an infant son, Heath, by Lonnie Hammond. Lonnie didn't know anything about it, but Meadow has just recently told the truth to both Heath and Lonnie.

                                Meadow                       Lonnie Hammond

Their son (and Brian's adopted son) Heath Ottomas:

After Brian adopted Heath as baby, he and Meadow went on to have five more children; Brook, Willow, Rocky, and the new baby twins, North and Raine. Heath and Brook have become teenagers, and Rocky has joined Willow in grade-school, but since that part of the story is not yet published I've used the old photos. I'll be making this into a static page with will always be available and when I do I'll post the newest photos, including the ones with the new default skin and eyes.

Brian and Meadow:

                                 Brook                              Willow

And that is the current news on the Brian Ottomas family. Of course, upcoming chapters could change everything again... 


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Brian Ottomas Ch. 16 Telling Lonnie

Spring came and still the house was not quite ready. It was becoming a beautiful house, though, with all the things Meadow had wanted and more. Just a little while longer, Brian said, for the builders to finish up. Right now they were waiting for a second shipment of distressed brick to come in because the contractor had underestimated how much they would need. So that meant the bricklayer had to go off on a different job and they could only hope when the bricks came in that he'd be free to come back and finish the job as soon as possible. Brian had hired a landscaper and he was hard at work on the yard.

Meanwhile the children played outdoors when they could and played indoors when it rained and they had to do so. Brook was getting more mature and she was naturally neat, just like Brian and her brother, Heath. She not only did the chores she was assigned, but often tidied up around the house on her own initiative. She was a blessing to Meadow these days. 

Summer finally arrived. It was getting close to Heath's birthday and he was often outdoors, but half the time he was just daydreaming; a natural enough thing for a child approaching puberty.

Meadow finally called Lonnie at his restaurant and asked him to meet her at Goth's Apparel. She could tell he was curious, but he asked no questions except for what day and what time.

Meadow got there early and was already seated at a table on the patio when Lonnie drove up. Waving at him to get his attention she felt enormous anxiety.

"Well, here I am," he said somewhat unnecessarily as he took a seat, "What's up?"

"Um," she stalled trying to remember how she'd planned to start the conversation but her mind was suddenly a blank. So she gave him a bright smile, 

"Well, Lonnie, how have you been, anyway? I haven't seen you since the block party." 

He gave her a quizzical look, she'd invited him here just to inquire as to his health? 

Meadow sighed,"I can't think of one single way to break this to you gently, so here goes: you have a son, Lonnie. I mean I gave birth to a son by you. I've been afraid to tell you all this time."

The story of Heath's birth HERE

Chapter where the reader (and Brian) learn Heath's father's identity...HERE

"What?" he asked as if he'd suddenly lost his hearing.

"When you and I dated back in the day, I got pregnant. On purpose. Because I wanted a baby."

He blinked, then she could see anger slowly building in him,

"You used me?" he asked and then emphasized, "You used me. Why? Why me?"

"Because you're reasonably good-looking and you're very talented. And, frankly, I wasn't seeing anyone else and hadn't in a long time," she didn't mean to sound so abrupt but she just wanted to get it over with. She'd dreaded it for so long.

He considered her words; he knew she was married with a number of kids and he asked cynically,

"How do I know you're telling the truth? How do I know I'm the father?"

She took out a photo of Heath and handed it to him.

"This is a school picture. He's not smiling, but I feel sure you can see the astounding resemblance. His name is Heath."

Lonnie gazed at the photo. Heath was practically a clone of him.

"Holy Smoke,"  he said and whistled. Then a bit of a smile crossed his face, "Yes, he's my son, I can see that. Does he know? I mean, does he know who I am?"

Meadow nodded,"I just recently told him."

"What about your husband? He knows?"

"Of course. I wasn't trying to palm Heath off as his son. And anyway, we were just friends at that time. I didn't tell him it was you right away, but he's known for some time."

"Is he a good father?"

"He's an excellent father, Lonnie," she said as she handed him the family photo they'd had taken in Three Lakes, "He adopted Heath when he was a baby. The two of them are very close. This photo is a little dark; it was taken at night. These are his sisters Brook and Willow. We have three younger children, too."

He mulled this information over as he studied the photo and then he said,

"I'm glad then; glad he's a good father. You pulled a terrible trick on me, though. I could have been a father to him."

"If you want to know the truth, I thought you might try to take him away, that's why I didn't tell you. I know it was wrong, but I couldn't help myself."

"So why are telling me now, then, if you don't want me near him? And I wouldn't have tried to take him from you--as if the courts would let me take him away from his real mother, anyway. Think I could be that cruel? I have two daughters and I'd kill anyone who tried to take them from me."

"You weren't the man you are now, Lonnie; back then you were a fast-living single guy who didn't like responsibility. I didn't know what you'd do. Besides I don't feel that way now. As I told you, I recently revealed everything to Heath. He was upset at first; he adores Brian, but finally he said he would like to meet you--if you want to see him."

Lonnie looked at her in surprise, 

"Are you kidding? Of course I want to see him!"

"He knows Loni Faye and Liara are his half-sisters, Lonnie. I don't know if you're planning to tell them or not."

He leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. He was looking off, just thinking. She'd hit him with some shocking information. Then he turned back to her and spoke,

"I'd like to tell them, but first I have to find a way to break it to my wife. She's a little...well, I'll figure it out. When can I see him?"

"I'd prefer it be at our house; so he feels secure. School days are too hectic, but if you'd like to come over on a Saturday afternoon..."

"Yes, definitely, can I come this Saturday?"

"Okay," Meadow paused, "Will you want to bring your family?"

"No, I'm not going to tell them right away, not until after I meet Heath and see how it goes."

Meadow stood up and so did Lonnie. She said,

"All right, then. Actually his sisters do no know yet either. I'm not telling them until Heath is comfortable with that. So I'll find some way to arrange it so Heath can talk to you alone. But in case they should come in, just be aware that they don't know anything."

They left it at that.

It was a hot summer day when Lonnie came to the house the next Saturday, passing Brook and Willow out in the side yard swimming in the pool. Meadow had suggested they do that so they'd be out of the house during Lonnie's visit. She'd even sent a jug of Kool-Aid and some chocolate chip cookies and potato chips out with them for when they might be hungry and thirsty. Feeling like it was a mini-picnic the girls were eager to go outside. Brian was in the yard trimming the shrubs in case they might need him, but he also had both of the baby monitors clipped to his belt. He could hear Rocky and the twins breathing gently while they napped.

Meadow greeted Lonnie at the front door and said she had called Heath from upstairs and he should be there in a moment. They sat down on the love seats and Meadow said in a low voice,

"He's excited, but also very nervous. I just thought you should know."

Lonnie nodded, 

"Trust me; so am I."

When Heath came downstairs he stood across the room from the man he now knew had sired him. Gazing in wonder he realized how very much he looked like Lonnie.

Lonnie was not as obvious, but he was stunned again at the resemblance between Heath and himself. It was even more striking in person. Meadow motioned to Heath to come sit by her and Lonnie started trying to make conversation.

He knew he was good at communicating with his daughters but of course, he'd raised them. Mostly he drew the boy out asking about school, his hobbies, and his interest in music which, of course, Lonnie shared. The longer they talked the more relaxed Heath became until he was talking quite animatedly about all the things he loved. But when Lonnie mentioned possibly playing music together some time for fun, Heath backed off and said,

"Well, I usually only play with Daddy."

Then he suddenly seemed to become shy again. Lonnie glanced at Meadow; she had warned him how much he loved Brian. That he was afraid getting close to Lonnie would somehow be disloyal to his father. She had assured Heath that Brian was okay with this, but he was still too insecure about his place in all of this and he couldn't bear to risk losing any part of Brian. Lonnie desperately wanted to get to know his son, but he didn't want to push him away either. So after a second he said,

"I can understand that playing music with your father is something you want to keep special between the two of you and I don't want to interfere with that in any way. I'd like to get to know you better though, so maybe some time we could do something else together. Like go to the skating rink or the park, hit the arcade or even catch a movie some afternoon. You can think about it, you don't have to tell me right away."

Heath smiled once more,

"Yeah, I'd like that."

So Lonnie said goodbye after giving Heath his cell phone number and saying he could call him anytime at all.

After he left Meadow said to Heath,

"Are you okay, honey?"

"Yeah," he mumbled. He was obviously pondering all that had happened, but he didn't look upset. 

"Do you want to go out with the girls? They've got goodies to eat."

Heath looked at her, his face clearing,

"Maybe later. I think I'm gonna go out and help Dad in the yard."

"That's good; I'm sure he'll be grateful for your assistance," she smiled. 

Now that Heath and Lonnie both knew the truth it was like a stone had rolled off her heart. One that had been there for so very long. She went in her bedroom to check on the twins who were still sleeping and then into the nursery where Rocky was just waking up. Maybe she'd feel a little less stressed now. Of course, they still had the upcoming move to the new house. Meadow longed to be in the their new home, but she dreaded the actual operation of packing and hauling their stuff across town to the big house on the edge of the town limits.

Next blog update: Organizing the Ottomas Family