Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lomax Family Ch. 14 Andy and Holly - Room for One More

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Life was never dull at the Andy Lomax house; not in a family with three children under the age of 5.

Holly and Andy were working on the twins' vocal skills. They had already learned to walk some time back and had been potty-trained for a while now, too. The baby Bradley was definitely growing fast and it would soon be birthday time for him and for the twins.

With each passing day the twins' personalities became more distinct. Arliss, it turned out, had a bit of a temper, just like his daddy. Alexa, or Lexie, as they often called her, was much more even tempered like her mother and her Aunt Chelsea.

Holly had just found out she was pregnant again and the couple were planning to turn the room with their hot tub into another bedroom. They'd always know that, if their plans for more children came about, they'd need to convert it, but they definitely would miss the hot tub. The twins had been conceived there and the couple were sentimental about that. They both loved to be active with exercise and sports so the tub had also been very practical, but things change. Perhaps they could later put a hot tub outdoors, but they wanted as much of the backyard to be for the children as possible.

When Holly began to be somewhat uncomfortable in the late stages of pregnancy she had a lot of trouble sleeping. On those days Mrs. Buckley--and Andy when he was home--cared for the twins while she caught up on sleep or cared for Bradley.

They'd bought a new baby swing and Arliss loved that, but even more the twins loved to be outdoors, just like their parents.

Holly always made an extra special effort to take good care of herself during her pregnancies. This was was no exception as she made sure to drink lots of fluids, eat healthy and take her vitamins.

Arliss and Alexa got "big girl and big boy beds" and Mrs. Buckley had to be on alert during the night in case they woke up and began wandering around, which did happen a couple times. Now each night when the family retired--and during nap time--there was a baby gate in place at the top of the stairs.

The swing was popular with Bradley too and kept him quietly amused for a good bit of time, then he usually fell asleep in it. It worked well when he was feeling fussy.

When it was birthday time for all three children, everyone concerned was very excited. It was just the family gathered in the dining room for cake and ice cream. The twins were quite happy with their new status and looked forward to attending school on Monday.

Right afterward it was time for Bradley's birthday as he made the transition from infant to toddler.

That night Holly gave birth to a baby girl they named Claire. After several years of marriage Holly still thought Andy was a hottie and said as much as he held their newborn daughter.

She was currently potty-training Bradley. She believed the sooner a toddler was taught that; the easier it was for everyone in the household.

On the weekends they liked to have a lazy breakfast and then enjoy as much time as possible outdoors.

"I declare, that child spends more time sitting next to his tricycle and playing with it than he does riding it," Mrs. Buckley laughed.

Arliss was learning how to use his new fishing rod and reel with his father's advice and assistance, while Holly liked to play on the merry-go-round and the tower.

In the afternoons they often went swimming; Bradley had fun in his swim tube, but he preferred the kiddie pool. When they turned on the water wiggler sometimes their mother got into the act. Holly was a fun mommy in their eyes; always ready to join in their play whether it was sports, games of imagination or just being silly. Their father loved to swim and played with them in the pool and would often tease and roughhouse with them, but they had not cajoled him into trying the water wiggler yet. The twins figured they'd get him in there sooner or later; it was proving to be a long hot summer.


Sovereign Dark said...

And Pleasantview has another girl! xD!! Thank goodness they're sims because all these little ones at once would probably drive a real person mad. Also, thank goodness for Mrs Buckley.

Lorelei said...

LOL definitely. They wanted 6 of them but they can hang it up in a tree! I love my Ottomas gang, but once I survive that I'm not have another family of 8--haven't got the strength! Yes, Mrs. Buckley definitely helps :D

Brianne said...

What a fun and devoted family!

Also, you've received the Versatile Blogger Award! :) Check it out on my blog.

Sim Girl said...

Awesome. Very cute, and she is totally right. Potty training DOES make everyones life easier LOL
I am glad my daughter (who will be getting her big girl bed REAL soon) was SO easy to potty train. It only took a WEEK! OMG.

Lorelei said...

Congrats, Sim Girl! That's some fast training, but I've been told that girls learn it faster than boys, so not surprising I guess. :)