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Glenn Caswell Ch. 6 Removing the Sword Part 1

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Gareth Caswell visited his mother, Glenn, at least once a week; she was getting older and lived alone so he wanted to check in with her and help with anything she might need. It was with relief that he learned she wanted to buy a small one-story house. He hated the thought of her going up and down the stairs in the house he grew up in, but until now she'd refused to move. She was in excellent health, looked 15 years younger than she was and as independent and feisty as they come. It was typical that when she made up her mind she'd never even asked him or told him, just found what she wanted, plunked down the money and put their old three-story home up for sale. He'd only learned about it when she called and told him that if there was anything he wanted from the old house he should come and get it because she wouldn't have room for a lot at the new place. 

Having enlisted professional movers to do the job on a weekend Gareth and Melanie were gone on a business trip she was ensconced in her new home before Gareth could even help. So today he was going to see her and it would be the first time he got a look at her new home. She was waiting on the tiny porch of her tiny house when he got there.

"Mom, it's so small," he worried as she gave him a very short tour, "No place for your game table or a pool table, no swimming pool, no basketball hoop. The yard is like postage stamp size." 

All the things he'd listed were items he'd had at his disposal when he was growing up, of course. There was a smallish bedroom, one tiny room that could not even qualify as a guest room where she was simply storing things at the moment; two small bathrooms; a living room and a tiny kitchenette. Not even a dishwasher.

"I don't need a big house anymore. And I already love this little house; it's so quiet on this street, I guess because of the cul de sac. There are quite a few kids, but they're all well-behaved, at least so far. I don't entertain large groups at one time, you know, no wild parties and the open concept makes it feel larger than it is; at least to me. Of course, I'm still moving things about and decorating, just as the mood strikes me. As for the games I can always go to Galaxy Arcade and play pool or any other game."

"Yeah, I heard Trey bought out Mr. Blackford; hard to imagine the place without him. I've been meaning to get over there to see Trey."

He looked over at the small dog that snoozed on a pet bed in the hall,

"So why'd you get a little rat dog if you wanted a pet, anyway? I'd have thought you'd rather have a cat; you always said you liked cats best."

"Oh, I stopped by the shelter on a whim and she'd been there a while and she was just so darn sweet," she grinned, "She's a Chihuahua mix and her name is Chiquitita. Anyway, I can always add a cat later."

"Chiquitita, huh? Quite a mouthful," he grinned back.

"Yeah, you know how I am about Abba. I call her Chiqui for short sometimes."

Gareth looked doubtful, but before long he was playing with the little dog as Glenn watched with amusement.

"Oh, I almost forgot; I saw Lori the other day at Food Lion and she said the twins are doing fantastic; growing like weeds and into everything. The health club is really starting to take off, too; she's so proud of Harvey," Glenn mentioned when Gareth sat back down at the dining table with her.

She glimpsed a flicker of irritation come over his face as he replied,

"Yeah. Well, she wouldn't really care if he was digging ditches at the north pole in the middle of February; she'd say her life was wonderful and that Harvey was a big success. She still thinks he hung the moon." 

"I wasn't aware that digging ditches was the worst that could happen to you in life," Glenn remarked dryly, "And why shouldn't a wife consider her husband to be the star of her show?"

The corner of his mouth went down as he stood and walked to the kitchen window and stared out unseeingly. Then he came back and sat down again, all without looking at his mother. 

"You're right. It's just, sometimes--sometimes she gets on my nerves the way she is so, I don't know, peppy and upbeat all the time. I've known her since we were both ankle-biters and I know what a drama queen she really can be; she's not fooling me with that Mary Sunshine rah-rah act she puts on for him."

He finished his little rant and refused to look at Glenn, who regarded him quietly for a moment.

"That was quite a speech. You know, son, I have never liked to interfere in your life, but the time has come for me to have a talk with you."

Gareth popped up out of his seat and nervously jingled the keys in his pocket.

"Mom, I'd really like that, but I need to be getting back home now. Melanie wants to go to the movies tonight."

"You can spare 30 minutes, I'm sure," she said smoothly, "So give your old mother a break and hear me out. This is serious."

His heart sank; Glenn was nothing if not honest and direct. This was not a conversation he wanted to have, but he respected her totally so he took a seat again. He would rather have been at the dentist getting a root canal, though.

"Harvey is your best friend, why should you resent Lori bragging about him?"

"I don't know; maybe I'm envious," he suggested his eyes avoiding hers, "He's working at something he loves and now I'm sitting at a desk and hating it."

"So what's keeping you from leaving that job and going back to teaching and coaching?"

He shrugged,

"The money I guess." 

Glenn took a breath and then said,

"This antagonism toward Lori predates Harvey buying the gym, Gareth. It goes back a long way. I've known for years what the problem is but I hoped you'd outgrow it."

Still not meeting her gaze he protested,

"I'm not antagonistic. I just made one remark, so big deal."

"Look at me, son."

His face carefully expressionless Gareth finally met his mother's eyes.

"You're not fooling me. You need to get this out in the open and deal with it. You've been angry with Lori since high school at least. And I know why."

To be continued...


Sovereign Dark said...

Hmm..I wonder what Gareth's resentment toward Lori is about. I recall they have a lot of history as children. I really like Glenn, and I get her on the smaller home. It's just her there. What's the need for massive amounts of space?

Lorelei said...

Yes, they do have history. It's just been mentioned here and there. I'm going to include a reminder link to where he's talking about their childhood to Harvey back in University. I like her little home too :) Her other house just kept getting bigger and bigger after she had Gareth, so now that he's grown just not needed. I'm getting to the age where I can appreciate not wanting to go up and down flights of stairs every day (even though I should lol)

Sim Girl said...

Why would anyone resent Lori???? Maybe he loved her, and she never gave him the time of day? I am searching my memories of all posts.. hmmmm.

That house may be small, but it is ADORABLE omg. Love it. Also, that pic of her sitting on the porch is just so.... cute. Love it.

Lorelei said...

That's pretty close, Sim Girl! :D