Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Harvey and Lori Ferguson Ch. 7 More Decisions Pt. 2

Lori was still quiet the rest of the evening after her husband Harvey had talked to her about the job options open to him and he presumed she was doing just as he asked; considering which option would make her the most happy. Harvey couldn’t be happy if Lori was not.

In the middle of the night, though, she woke him--her voice soft and a little anxious,

"Harvey? I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” he rubbed his eyes and turned over to face her.

“I’m…I’m pregnant, Harvey.”

This, of course, was what they had wanted, but these two new career ventures had not been in sight when they made their decision. Now Lori was worried that Harvey would think a baby would complicate things immeasurably and he would regret that a child was now on the way. But his face lit up,

“Honey, that’s great!”

Sighing with relief, she said,

“Oh, thank goodness. I was so worried.”

“You shouldn’t have worried, Brat. This is what we both wanted, remember?”

She nodded. Harvey wrapped his arms around her and they both fell asleep.


The holidays were fast approaching and Lori decided to practice up on her cookie making skills. She loved Christmas so much that she usually starting putting up decorations a week after Halloween. It had taken a while, but now Harvey was used to this. In fact, she always made him watch Christmas DVD’s with her as soon as fall began.

“I think I know every line from A Christmas Story by heart now,” he had told his friend Gareth Caswell, “And I could probably sing every song from Holiday Inn and White Christmas. I don’t mind The Santa Clause movies, but she makes me watch all those really old movies too; some in black and white. And we have to watch both versions of The Grinch, the one with Jim Carrey and the cartoon one from fifty years ago. Oh, and don't let me forget to mention A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Gareth had only laughed,

“Man, I know what you mean; Melanie is nuts about old movies, too. I have to put up with Christmas in Connecticut, Miracle on 34th Street and about four versions of A Christmas Carol, including a musical. You know how I hate musicals everyone talking and then suddenly prancing around or singing to each other.”

“Yeah, Lori has all of those ones, too. Well, I guess I don’t really mind,” Harvey admitted, “She always makes crazy-good snacks and desserts when we watch that stuff. And she’s really in a romantic mood afterward. I’m not sure why, but I’m definitely not complaining.”

Now that he knew a baby or babies were in the near future, Harvey put off a decision on the on St. Marisa Island job vs. the gym at least until after Christmas. Of course, he could lose the architectural job by delaying, but he saw no way around it. He didn’t really want to move Lori so far away from her family while she was pregnant and he just could not seem to concentrate on it right now. Lori was in a very high spirits lately even though morning sickness plagued her for a while. Once her pregnancy was evident she blathered on about names every single night before they went to sleep. Harvey just smiled indulgently.  

Lori was worried she would put so much weight on during her pregnancy she would  never get it off and so she worked out faithfully every day. Her mother fought her own weight constantly and had all her life and Lori was built just like her. To add to that, Lori loved her own cooking too well.  Harvey said he didn’t care at all if she did gain weight. He thought she was a knockout either way, but Lori knew how dedicated he was to fitness and she just didn’t want to disappoint him. Besides she was a bit vain and as a bipolar really did have a stronger than usual need to be desired and thought beautiful. By nearly everyone. That was a plain fact and Harvey accepted that about her.

Although she was watching her weight, Lori indulged her sweet tooth with cherry cheesecake quite often. Of course she tended to eat it on the sly—waiting until Harvey was out of the house or at least taking one of his naps.

To her surprise he had begun a new painting and it was of Lori—one where she was sleeping quietly in their bed.

“What in the world?” she smiled when it began to take shape and she recognized herself.

“Yeah, one night I woke up and you looked so sweet and peaceful I was sure you were dreaming about babies, so I took a photo of you with my phone. You were really tired that night and never even woke up when I did it,” he admitted, "I've been working off that photo."

The doctor had said Lori would probably have her baby a couple of weeks after Christmas. This meant their holiday would be relatively quiet. But babies often surprised even doctors…


Sim Girl said...

Lori! Girl you will be beautiful no matter what weight gain you have!!
Hmmm... cheese cake. I wonder what effect THAT will have on the baby growing inside?? xD!
OH OH A Christmas baby!! YAY! Or babIES anyway.
I am excited!

Lorelei said...

He he he, yeah the trusty cheesecake (usually trusty). Maybe a Christmas baby, maybe a New Year baby, maybe even a Ground Hog day baby--I ain't tellin' :D