Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lomax Family: Is Chelsea Lomax Lassiter missing?


Ordinarily the update on Chelsea (2nd in line of the Lomax siblings) would go in at this point, but now that she has married Trey Lassiter that has changed. From now on Chelsea Lomax Lassiter will be found under the John Lassiter Family updates. When I get to those I will go back and put a link to her update here, but for now this will be the only information I can give out on the couple; although you may expect to see them appear occasionally in other updates as peripheral characters before I update them. Not to worry, they will be back with their own update before too long (That is, I hope before too l long!)

Trey and Chelsea on the return from their surprise Las Vegas nuptials:

So, with the next Lomax Family update we will move on to Larry Max's third oldest child, Corky and his wife, Elle and then on to Andy and Holly.

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