Monday, October 4, 2010

Some videos (amateur) of the families I've been describing...

Hoping to add a few videos here. I am not a movie expert in any way, shape or form. These are simply videos made in the game, unedited. Unfortunately I frequently (and quickly) forget I'm filming and stop to micro-manage my Sims. I'll work on that.

 Here the Lassiters are gobbling breakfast. Of course the maid walks across in front of the camera. Twice. The maids are a pain in many ways, they kvetch all the time, walk in on people in the bathrooms, put things where you don't want them. This maid happens to be a male maid. Still a pain.

This is Lalique Flynn as a toddler, playing with blocks at her activity center (a gift from EA that really helps training and amusing toddlers and children--can't remember which pack it came in, probably Free Time). Note the potty chair is none too glamorous in the living room, but it's a must to be nearby with toddlers. Now, for a video from the Candeloro family. I only have photos of Kevin as an adult, but here is a video of him as a toddler, finally learning to talk from his mother, Bonnie

The next one (of Harvey Ferguson, one of the twins) is an abortive attempt to catch the Genie at work. It works for a minute before I get caught up in micro-managing again...

The following is a video where Roger Jr. proposes to Marsha Bruenig (a former townie child fostered by the Candeloros). His brother Dana moons around in the background, but that's what Roger Jr gets for proposing in such a public place. *shrug*

Wow, thee videos are incredibly small on here. I may have to add them to YouTube instead and then just post each link to each video...Not sure what would be best. If you enlarge the video it goes full screen and that makes the video blurry. Pooties. 

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