Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Genetic Problems

The two oldest children of my first family, the Lassiters, have reached adulthood. Grace and David always looked a little quirky, but I hoped it would come out in the wash. Some Sims 2 kids who are kind of ugly turn out quite well as adults. In this case, though, it seems they took the worst attributes of their fairly attractive mother (based on a real person) and made them a little more extreme. John, the father, is just a basic good-looking type Sim that I tweaked a little to make him look like a character in a story I wrote. Melora, the mother, is actually based on a person in real life so her features are a tad more customized, but hardly extreme. So I don't understand what happened to their oldest son and daughter, the daughter's mouth is extra small, but that would be okay, but her eyes; even with makeup they are not as nice as her mother's while David's mouth is just downright weird. When he eats he looks like a bulldog. So I'm a little worried about what will happen when they go on to marry whoever and have children--how weird will John and Melora's grandchildren be?

John Lassiter, the patriarch of this family:

Melora, the matriarch of the family:

Okay here are shots of the kids, Grace and David:

See? Below photo shows Grace's upper lip is even shorter and she just has no eyelid. You can't even hide it much with makeup. All the eyeshadow won't stick on her very well and leaves dark smudges under her eyes. There are weird planes to her face, too.

John in profile, showing his normal length upper lip.

Profile view showing David's shorter short upper lip and the white streaks at the corners of his mouth. he did not have these as a teenager.

 See what I mean about the white streaks?

Candid shot of Grace:

Well, we love them, no matter what, their parents and I, but I can't help but wonder what went wrong in the Sims 2 gene pool. 

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