Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ottomas Family Ch. 1 When the kids leave home...

When they moved to Pleasantview, the Ottomas family (emerging from the bin) was large and and growing larger. There are the parents, Pete and Samantha, oldest son Dylan (I renamed him from David since I already  had a David in town), Dylan was a teenager, elementary school daughter, Sharla (often seen around town before that visiting various children's houses) and toddler, Tommy, plus Pete's aged mother, Doralee. Samantha was highly pregnant with what would become the Ottomas twins (the infamous Ottomas twins), named Brian and Bridget. 

The family moved one of the town's largest homes and then proceeded to add a third floor. Now most of the children are grown. Doralee had extensive plastic surgery and began a career in the military. She and Sharla moved to a new, modern home to pursue their respective careers. Tommy got a job in another state, whether forever or not, no one knows. The twins are away at college. Only little Damon, the boy that Pete and Samantha adopted as an infant, remains in the home. He's in elementary school now.

Dylan (David)



Dylan and his new wife Elaine

Doralee's new look

Nana with Sharla

The twins Bridget and Brian with their parents and younger brother Damon

Pete Ottomas

Samantha Ottomas

Youngest son, Damon:

Pete would like to open the house to paying boarders. There are three vacant bedrooms and the whole third floor is unused except for Samantha's art studio, which could be moved to the 2nd floor. Of course, Pete just doesn't want to leave his beloved greenhouse, fruit trees and the pond where he fishes. Samantha, on the other hand finally has time to pursue the business career she has wanted for so long. She'll be tired at the end of the day and she doesn't want to come home to a houseful of "strangers". She favors moving to a smaller house. Pete points out their excellent location; not far from the shore, with great neighbors who keep their homes well-groomed. He has taken early retirement and wants to supplement their income with the boarders. Sam points out that means a lot of work; the house is huge and even with a maid coming in every day, it’s hard to take care of, she thinks they would need to hire a full-time cook. Both Samantha and Pete are living in somewhat of a dream world, because they are not getting any younger, the idea of boarders is probably not a good one, on the other hand, Samantha's dream of achieving the top of her field in business may not be practical when most of her contemporaries are checking out retirement options. She vowed she would never get caught up in the youth craze like Doralee and have a ton of plastic surgery, but Sam is not coming to terms with her age this way, either. At this time Pete is stubbornly clinging to his idea of keeping the house, but Samantha is consulting with a realtor to find a new, smaller home.

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