Sunday, January 20, 2013

Harvey and Lori Ferguson Ch. 22 Jonesin' For A New Baby

Valrae's Journal

I'm sorry I haven't written in here since our vacation at Twikkii. When we got back it was still autumn and I was going to write about Gray and me working for Grandpa Shep in his garden and greenhouse. But then it was so busy at school, plus we were making posters and tissue-paper flowers in our class for the fall festival. And then it was Halloween and it was busy at our house during Thanksgiving, too, too. I had homework all the time and our house was so crowded at Christmas with all the aunts and uncles from both families and Nana and Poppa there. Those are all excuses, but they are true. Anyway, now it's summer.

Sometimes my brother Gray acts kind of like an absent-minded professor (I  love that old, old movie). He goes off alone and you can't think why. The other night when Mumma put supper on the table he grabbed his plate and went out on the side porch to eat where we keep our coloring books and other books. But it wasn't like he was coloring. He was just eating. I asked Daddy about it and he kind of smiled and said maybe Gray thought all of us were noisy and talked way too much at dinner. Mumma and I looked at each other because she and I are the main ones who talk a lot, except for Grandpa Shep; he's a close third.

Mamie said perhaps it was sensory overload. She's sort of quiet and tends to enjoy her alone time. Maybe Gray gets it from her.

Grandpa Shep yelled that sensory overload and too much talk and noise were the same thing. He didn't mean to shout but he is getting kind of deaf nowadays and sometimes gets grumpy because of it. Usually not when talking to kids, though.

I wrote in here before that my best friend in the world is Scarlett Caswell. Her mom and mine have also been best friends since they were babies. She got a baby sister a while ago and every time she talked about her I wished Mumma would have a baby, too. But, no. Anyway, Monique (that's her sister's name) had a birthday recently. Actually everyone calls her Monie. Now she is learning to walk and talk and I haven't seen her since she was a wee tiny baby.

All the time Scarlett talks about playing with Monie and taking her for walks in the stroller. Of course she also says how little Monie gets into Scarlett's doll house some times and grabs the little doll-people in there and bashes their heads together. I would put all my stuff up high on shelves if I got a baby sister or brother. I always tell Mumma and Daddy these things and that Scarlett's daddy Gareth plays with Monie a lot and Melanie rocks her to sleep still and isn't that sweet? Also Gareth and Melanie live with her parents and the grandparents help take care of Monie. Then I say wouldn't that be good if Mumma had a baby and Grandpa Shep and Mamie would help take care of her--or him? I tried it again last week and Daddy said that Mumma's bakery has only been open a year and it takes a lot of her time. Then he said they have to decide what to do about our house, like whether to build or just move to another place.

Mumma reminded me that Daddy and her were both twins and so probably they would have twins again. Two babies instead of one would keep them really busy.

All Gray did was mutter that there was no more room in the house. Thanks Gray.

But then Daddy and Mumma smiled at each other and Daddy said they'd have to think about it.

I usually hate it when parents say "we'll see" or "we'll think about it", but this time I decided to stay hopeful. 

Mumma did say she would take me and Gray over to the Caswells for a visit. Gray doesn't care one way or the other about babies but he just loves to see Scarlett's daddy Gareth. He is best friends with Daddy and they used to play basketball and football in high school and college. Anyway, Gareth doesn't have any boys so he always spends time with Gray when we're over there if he can. Daddy couldn't go with us because he was working. The spa was having a special going on over the weekend and it would be very busy. Mumma's bakery was closed on weekends.

I like Gareth, too, he's funny and he gets down on the floor and plays with Scarlett and helps her with her homework; sometimes he cheats and does a little bit of it for her (Scarlett told me that in secret because her mom doesn't know). He'll put Monie on the potty-chair and doesn't even care if he has to wipe up poo, either. Mumma said Daddy used to change our diapers and put us on the pot. When she said that Gray smacked his hand over his forehead like he could have had a V8, closed his eyes and yelled "TMI, TMI, TMI!" Mumma just laughed and Daddy kept reading the paper and pretending he was deaf. He does that a lot.

He is really a good daddy; he throws us around in the air and catches us, taught us to swim and carries us upstairs if we fall asleep in the car or on the sofa. He's very strong because he works out at his spa. But he's not so much on rolling around on the floor.

The day we went to Scarlett's house was a nice sunny one. Mumma went upstairs to play pool with Melanie. They did that all the time when they were teenagers I guess. But Gray went right to the pinball machine because Gareth had gone to the store and would be back later.

Melanie told me to go right on in to Scarlett's bedroom. Scarlett said let's make something with the blocks so we were doing that at the play station when Monie crawled in and joined us, starting to make a scribbly drawing with her crayons. Oh, she was so adorable! She has long black hair in a pony tail and bright sapphire blue eyes. I know what sapphires look like because Mumma has a sapphire and diamond ring Daddy gave her for Christmas. It used to be Mamie's ring from Grandpa Shep. I just wanted to grab her up and kiss her little fat cheeks, but I figured she'd better get to know me first 'cause like I said she was a baby the last time I came over. Mostly during the school year Scarlett and I see each other at school where we are in the same class with Mrs. Schmansky. It's in the summer that we visit more at each other's houses.

Gareth came home pretty soon and the first thing he did was grab Gray and they went out to the pool to play Marco Polo.

Meanwhile, Monie finished her little drawing and sat there looking at me. So I went over, real quietly, and said I would teach her to play patty-cake. She smiled real big and all the time we were playing she laughed like it was bubbles coming out of her. So cute.


Then Melanie came in to get Monie and take her to the den where she and Mumma had been talking. Mumma told me later that as soon as she thought Monie would let her she got down on the floor and played peek-a-boo with her. I could tell when Mumma talked about Monie that she also thought she was darling and I hoped that it would make the wheels in her head start turning.

Scarlett asked me if I wanted to go in the sprinkler and I was glad Mumma packed our swimsuits. Once we were outside screaming and laughing and I heard Gareth say to Gray why didn't he go over and terrorize me and Scarlett because he had to take a break to get stuff done indoors. Then he said all he asked was for Gray not to spill any blood. Uncle Gareth makes me laugh sometimes.

So Gray came over to have fun with us and he actually didn't even give us a hard time for once.

It was getting late so we all wanted to get in the pool for a while before Gray and I had to leave. It was dark before Mumma came to the back door and called us in. We'd been there all day but I still wished we could stay longer or come back again the very next day. I was happy that Mumma had seen Monie though; maybe I should expose her to every baby in the neighborhood so she'll get the idea?

Well, that's all I have to write about for now, but I promise I won't take so long to journal again.

I love you and you love me,

Valrae Melora Ferguson