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The Brothers Everhart Ch. 25 Halcyon Days and Nights Part I


When we left Pres Everhart he had just married Sofia Giallelis and considered it the happiest day of his 32 years. With their young son Dion safe in the arms of his paternal grandparents they were to leave immediately for their honeymoon on Twikkii Island.


As they were on their way to the island Pres finally began to describe the little house they were renting. He'd been keeping it as a surprise. Sofia had only know they were going to an island.
"The cottage is not right on the water, but Seawater Beach is directly across the street and we can see the ocean easily from the house. It only takes two minutes to walk over," Pres explained.

"I can't wait!" Sofia said in her whisper-soft voice.

"There are two bedrooms with two bathrooms, one of each on both floors."

Pres used to see that particular house when he was in college and he and three frat brothers went to Twikkii on spring break to terrorize the community. Money was usually a problem for the guys once they got to the island. In Pres's case because, even though his parents were rich and had paid the plane fare for all four young men to the tropical island, they did not believe they should have to pay for anything else. Besides, the rowdy and randy college boys wanted to be closer to the night-time action. So they would go in one one room for the four of them at an economy type hotel room right on the strip and split the costs and walk to the nearby boardwalk to swim. They'd eat cereal and peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. This gave them more money to blow on girls when they wanted to look like big shots or wanted to go to a halfway decent restaurant for supper, or both.

But Pres had always thought; someday I'd like to rent that little house. When I'm through with school and have a good job, then I'll probably get married. The thought had scared him, yet intrigued him.

"It has a big front porch and a play yard in back although we won't need that this time," he went on.

Sofia was so excited by the time they were on the island and taking a taxi to the little house that she was practically bouncing in her seat.

The minute she saw the cottage she flat out loved it and was sure she'd never been in such a darling house. Pres was right; they could see the ocean from the front porch where they sat for a moment and soaked in the view.


The kitchen, dining area and living room were in one, not particularly large, room but because it was open concept it looked bigger. Besides it was quite large enough for a vacation home for two.

The ground floor bedroom was small with two twin beds and it was obviously intended for children.

"This would be perfect to rent again someday and bring Dion with us," Sofia said.

"True," Pres agreed and then added, "And maybe even a baby brother or sister?"

Sofia's eyes cut to his and she giggled,


There was also a three-piece bathroom next to the bedroom; very "island" decor.

The master bedroom upstairs was quite spacious with one door leading to the deck in back and on door opening to the deck in front. In fact, the three decks (front, back and side) were actually one deck that surrounded the cottage on three sides. The second bathroom was an en suite.

 Left: Front and side deck; Right: back deck overlooking the yard

They changed clothes and went to the mineral springs to have massages; had supper at the canteen there and it was dark when they checked out the mineral springs.


She called home while they were having their meal at the canteen to check on Dion. Pres's mother, Rhonda, was more than willing to go into great detail on how his day had been. Sofia wanted badly to talk to him but he sounded as though he was doing so well with his new grandparents that she didn't want to upset the balance and make him start crying for her.

"Promise me, though, if he asks for me and gets upset that you'll call me," she begged Rhonda, "but he seems to be doing really well for you."

"Oh, honey, he is the sweetest little boy, he's doing great. But I'll be sure to call you if there's a problem. And your sister, Thalia, is supposed to come by tomorrow to watch him while I go to get my hair done, so that will make him happy."

"I'm sorry to be such a baby about it," Sofia apologized, "But I've never been away from him since he was born."

"Now, don't you even fret about that. I know exactly how you feel. My four big strapping boys were little boys once, too, believe it or not. And when I was away from them I worried every minute, even though they were usually staying with MY mama. Now you and Pres just have a wonderful time and don't worry about a thing."

Sofia thanked her lucky stars that Rhonda had turned out to be one of the most loving women she'd ever met, right along with her own mother, and she told Pres that.

"She's just like you," he grinned, taking her hand, "You both are angels masquerading on this earth as mortal beings."

Sofia laughed,

"You are the sweetest man, even though you are delusional."

"Baby, a man can be nice, he can be good, he can be hot, he can be honorable, he can be sexy and he can even be lovable. But it's a horrible thing to be told he's "sweet". It's not really a compliment," he smiled.

She laughed and he brought her hand, palm side up, to his mouth and placed a kiss there.

It was dark by the time they walked home. The air was warm and the breeze was light and they could smell the salt air when they went up to cuddle on the side deck. They could easily see the ocean from there but it was a bit more private than the front deck.

Pres pulled her onto his lap and as they whispered to each other Sofia was sure she had never been so happy before except for the day Dion was born.



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Awwwww <3 <3 My goodness! They are so cute. They seem to be enjoying themselves! I am sure she misses Dion like crazy.

Love that little house, and the colors in the Master Bedrooms are just beautiful, I love it.

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Beautiful!..the house and the couple. :D Awh, but what's so wrong with calling a man sweet? xD!

I love the atmosphere, Lor. Wonderful update, and I'm on to part 2.