Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brian Ottomas Ch. 23 Vacation in Paradise Part 1

It was finally time for their vacation! Brian and Meadow Ottomas and their six children departed in the early morning for Twikkii Island. The dog-sitter was already making friends with Elvis when they left. The house they had rented was called Sintara Modern.


About Sintara Modern:

I love this house, it is not my creation it is the work of the very talented Autaki, but I have made a number of minor changes both inside and out; this in keeping with the needs and wishes of my own spoiled Simmies. To download the original go to this link at The Sims Resource:

Sintara Modern Page

There is also a link to it on my Custom Content Page.



The family was duly impressed again when they saw the house they'd rented; Sintara Modern. The photos in the brochure had impressed them but didn't do the place justice. It was beautifully landscaped so that "tropical paradise" was all they could think when they arrived. There was a little "grotto" in one corner of the front yard with a bench that sat next to the tiny pond and waterfall. Almost in the center of the front yard was a lovely zen garden. The side yard featured an L-shaped pool that stretched all the way to the backyard.

"Look at that pool!" Brook marveled as they took their suitcases up the walk, "That is way cool. Willow, we can be down at this end checking out the guys who drive by in their convertibles and the kids can be at the other end and we won't even hear them!"

And Meadow said to Brian,

"Babe, the way this backyard is designed will work really well for me because I can be lying out by the pool and still keep an eye on the kids when they're using the little playground."

"Dibs on the hammock, Dad!" Heath teased.

The first floor had a large living room, kitchen, formal dining room, two bathrooms and a den.

The second floor had two more bathrooms, four bedrooms, a small exercise room, a massage room and a large upper hall that featured comfortable seating and a second piano. A glass door led to one of the three decks.

Heath and Rocky shared a room that looked over the side yard, while Brian and Meadow took the middle bedroom with its private deck that had an ocean view.

Brook and Willow shared a double bed in the room at the front of the house. It had access to the largest deck of all which overlooked the street.

"This deck will work for us, too, Brook," Willow winked at ther sister, "It looks right out at the street and we'll be able to see everyone going by so we can wave and display our hotness. Maybe we can meet some native guys!"

Heath snorted,

"Your 'hotness', Punk? Please."

North and Raine shared the other bedroom next door to their parents' room. Sharing was okay with them because they shared a bedroom at home, plus they were twins and that gave them a stronger than usual sibling bond. 

Downstairs the den had an aquarium and easy access to the street end of the pool. Raine was thrilled and fascinated with that aquarium. It was much larger than the one they had at home.

The living room featured a wall mounted flat screen TV and a Don't Wake the Llama table as well as a white upright piano.

The two downstairs bathrooms were used by the "men" of the family:


The dining room:

The two upstairs bathrooms were used primarily by Meadow and her three daughters:

The large upstairs hall doubled as a reading nook with an attached deck overlooking the pool:

Massage room:

In the early part of that first day they arrived the kids were checking out all the game options; Brian and Meadow played DWTL with the twins, while Willow played a video game on the other side of the room.Brook practiced her moves on the pinball machine in the upstairs hall.

They spent the afternoon enjoying the pool and the sunshine.

Later Brook and Brian sat talking about various choices for college for Heath and for her at the kitchen island while Meadow prepared supper. One of the reasons they'd rented this house was so they didn't have to eat at a restaurant or use room service for every meal. It was cheaper to eat at home at least part of the time. When they were out and about they would eat wherever it was convenient and the food looked good. The family had voted that they'd like to go to the Twikkii Boardwalk early the next day.

The next morning the youngest three kids surprised their parents and older siblings by being already bathed and dressed at the crack of dawn. North began demonstrating his musical skills by banging away on the custom piano in the upstairs halls. That was the kids' subtle yet clever way of saying "Can we go now?"

Brian and Meadow were up quickly and joined the children downstairs while the teenagers lagged a bit, moaning and complaining about being awakened early as they took showers.

"I'm not hungry. We don't need breakfast, Momma, Rocky and North aren't  hungry either. So we can leave right away, can't we?" Raine asked as she fed the fish in the aquarium.

Meadow knew that the twins and Rocky might say they weren't hungry, but when they got to the Boardwalk they'd suddenly regain their appetite and start begging to buy candy and junk food. So, she insisted they eat a square meal before they left. 

The car furnished with the house fortunately was quite large and they all piled in looking forward to the day's adventure.



Sim Girl said...

Niiiiice house. Wow awesome pool lol! That was great <3 great pictures. Yes that is a big group to take on vacation for sure! Willows funny with the hotness thing LOL

Sovereign Dark said...

What a house!! Now THAT'S luxury, dear. The Ottamas family is like its own gang. xD They are many, indeed. It must have been a job to get pics for this. Oh, but..very lovely place.