Thursday, August 2, 2012

Harvey and Lori Ferguson Ch. 21 Vacation Pt. 2

Valrae's Journal:

It's not as hot at Twikkii in autumn so Daddy is not running the air conditioner at night and we just leave the windows open. It's better 'cause then you can hear the waves really clear. But Gray and I still get a little hot so we sleep in our underwear like we do all summer.

It seems like we always wake up earlier than Mumma and Daddy when we're at the beach. That's the same as on Saturdays at home. Grownups always want to sleep in and we aren't allowed to swim unless one of them is out there with us. Luckily, they don't sleep real late. So me and Gray just play on the beach, making sandcastles and looking for treasure but other times we play inside up in our room where we have a lot of toys and games.

We went to Whitesand Mineral Springs yesterday. Mumma got a hot stone massage which Daddy always calls it a "boiling boulder back rub". He makes a lot of weird jokes but we love him. Gray played on the hammock but me and Daddy went in the mineral spring right away. It's almost like being in a hot tub only not so many bubbles; at least not at Whitesand.


When we got home Mumma made lunch and me and Gray played our video games. Then we went swimming.

All the time Mumma says Daddy falls asleep when she's talking to him. But Daddy falls asleep a lot anyway, every time he lays down on the bed or the couch or the recliner or the floor or the rug... She said he loves his naps. So anyway they were sitting on the lounge chairs on our beach and Mumma was telling him about how cute Aunt Grace's new baby is and what words Sherrilyn knows now when she looked over at him and there was Daddy, asleep again. She got this pinched look on her face and then it suddenly started raining. So she got up right away and called me and Gray to come inside but she left Daddy lying there asleep. He jumped up in after a minute--before we even got in the house--I guess because of the rain falling on his face, and when he came in he was joking about it and Mumma wrinkled her nose and said in a hoity-toity voice "we are not amused". But I don't know why she said "we" because Gray and me were giggling; of course then we had to stop. Daddy winked at us, though. I really thinking Mumma wanted to laugh, too, or at least smile, because Daddy usually makes her giggle all the time.

I hate it when it rains when we are at Twikkii Island. But we went to the game room and I always like to play games. So does Daddy and he can beat anyone at any game, even his best friend, Gareth. Sometimes it makes Mumma kind of snippy when he wins all the time. Snippy is the word she says about me when she or Daddy say I can't do something and I get kind of mad. So I always guessed that snippy just meant mad. Once I asked Daddy what snippy meant, though, and he said I needed to look it up in the dictionary. Parents always says that; I don't know why I asked. So I looked it up in the thesaurus because I like the thesaurus much better than the dictionary and it said, “impertinent especially in a supercilious or haughty way”, also “disdainful”, “curt”, “rude” and “sharp”. The trouble is I had to look up impertinent,disdainful, supercilious and haughty then. This is always what happens when I use the dictionary or thesaurus. It just goes on and on and that’s if you even know how to spell the word.

Noble Narrator:

After a couple days of relaxation Harvey and Lori were feeling romantic--in spite of Harvey falling asleep while Lori talked about family. This was the place they'd spent their honeymoon and they had fond memories of the pre-child time. The kids slept hard every night with the amount of exercise they got swimming and playing outdoors as well as often walking to the local tourist sites. So the couple took advantage of it.

Early the next morning Gray and Valrae woke up and contemplated getting themselves cereal. They usually ate cereal or pop tarts when they first woke up and then joined their parents for a second big breakfast a little later, gobbling down pancakes, omelets or ham and eggs. They would burn it off soon enough. This time Harvey and Lori didn't sleep in as long as usual,

"Oh, what a gorgeous morning," Lori stretched and yawned, her mood buoyant, "I always have so much more energy when we're here!"

Harvey groaned as he headed for the shower, massaging his lower back with one hand,

"Oh, honey, I can vouch for that."

She giggled and Harvey said over his shoulder,

"You're not going to start singing about the 'corn being as high as an elephant's eye' or anything like that, are you? I don't think I can stand that much cheerfulness this early."

"Aw, Harvey, why can't you be romantic in the mornings?," she teased then she cupped her hands around her mouth and said loudly, "You sure were last night, man of my dreams!"

He peeked back around the door a moment and grinned,

"You inspired me, Brat."

 Valrae's Journal:

Some days we don't go anywhere, just mess around at home; digging for shells and treasure, wave watching, building sandcastles, sunbathing and swimming. Sometimes Mumma paints. Daddy paints at home but he never paints at Brickstone. I think the days at home are my favorite days although I hope we get to go see the pirate ship. Most of all I want to go to the new park.


So yesterday Gray made a sandcastle and I was lying on a towel, the sun felt good and I was almost asleep. Then he turned on the radio and was dancing around like a weirdo. Mumma said what a good dancer he was but if you ask me nobody is going to ask him to be on "Dancing With the Stars" (or even "Dancing with the Normals"). That is for sure.

Mumma told us the story of the golden crab, she brought the book with her from home. It is very old and I love that about it. I like the way old books and clothes smell. That's why I love to shop with Mumma at Fantastic Finds. This time she told us what the Genie told her way back when she was 16.

So now Gray is all the time looking for Gilda the magic crab who transports children to faraway adventures. Actually, I would like to find her, too. But when he found a crab it wasn't the golden one. It was fastened to his finger and Gray was so surprised he just looked at it like "duhh?" And then he felt it pinching his finger off and yelled and shook it off onto the sand. The crab just dug into the sand and covered itself back up. Daddy came hurrying to check out Gray's finger which, luckily, was still on his hand. He told Gray that the same thing happened to him on his honeymoon with Mumma. Gray ran and put it under cold water in the kitchen and then he came back and was fooling with the telescope. I don't think he'll be looking for Gilda the golden crab again--at least, not for a while.

Daddy takes pictures of Mumma all the time and she usually just smiles. Except when she's in her swimsuit. She thinks she has something called "sell you light" and also that she's a little bit, you know, fat. But she isn't fat. I don't know if she has "sell you light" or not because I don't know what it is but Daddy always says "No you don't, honey" about that and takes the picture anyway. And then he tells her to stop giving him the "hairy eyeball". That means she's giving him one of her looks. The one where she pretends she doesn't care but secretly she's furious. Usually when she does that face she also says "Fine."

She has different looks. One is her "I mean business" look (which that is sometimes what she says) and she makes her eyes all skinny and pinches up her mouth and when she gives that look to Gray or me we don't argue. When she gives that look to Daddy he mostly just ignores it. She also has a look that says "I'm disappointed in you". That one kills me cause it makes me feel BAD. Actually Daddy has a look like that, too, but he doesn't use it very often. When he does you know you've really goofed up. I don't see them give each other the disappointed look though. But Mumma has happy looks too and she also makes crazy faces to make us laugh. I've learned a lot of them. My favorite is to stick my tongue out the side of my mouth (like pretending I'm dead) and cross my eyes. It works even better if you put toy eyeglasses on ("the doctor is in") but put them on crooked. (smile)

Daddy made dinner last night. It was jumbo shrimp and some other stuff like broccoli and carrots, also pasta. He bought the shrimp at the market here and he said it was really fresh right out of the sea here at Twikkii. It was so good!

After supper we hung out on the beach again, but Mumma said no ghost stories this time. I think that was because the last time we told scary stories a few days ago I woke up in the middle of the night and crawled in with her and Daddy. But it's not like I snore or anything and there's lots of room in their bed if you ask me. I was too scared to stay in my bedroom and Gray was no help because when he sleeps you can't even wake him up and if you do and you tell him you think you heard something or that maybe there are alligators under the bed he always says, "oh, don't be such a twerp, Val" and falls back asleep. A robber could come in and steal all our toys and I could be screaming and Gray would just keep sleeping as usual. Besides, I love to sleep right between Mumma and Daddy during thunderstorms and after scary dreams. It feels really safe, you know?  

Anyway, since there were no ghost stories, we played Twenty Questions. The ocean looks so beautiful at night, it does in the daytime too, but in a different way. I hope when I grow up I can live on the ocean all the time. The only way I can think of to do that is be either 1. a lighthouse keeper 2. an oceanographer or 3. a lifeguard.

When Daddy kept winning at the 20 questions, me and Gray decided to sit on the beach; he was counting stars and picking out constellations and I was just watching the waves. Mumma and Daddy were laughing and kissing like they do. And I slept good that night; no nightmares so I didn't have to sleep with Mumma and Daddy (unfortunately).

Well, that's all I have to say for now.

I love you and you love me,

Valrae Melora Ferguson


Librarian said...

I am definitely going to send a family with kids (or at least one kid) to Twikkii soon!
Love the way the girl tells the story from her perspective. "Dancing with the normals" and "Sell you light" made me smile :-)

Lorelei said...

Thanks, Librarian, I'm pretty happy with having Valrae write in her journal, I keep going over it and tweaking it though (scrubbing it as clean of and adult voice as I can, it helps to channel my "inner child" lol) Hope you get to visit Twikkii with a family soon :D

ElaynaS said...

Loved it :) "sell you light" made me giggle. Looking back, I didn't do many vacations with my sims in sims 2, but now in sims 3 I'm enjoying it more and wishing I had done so in TS2....I'm sure I still have my discs somewhere, may have tog o back and play for a while.

Lorelei said...

Yeah, the vacations are actually the most relaxing thing my Sims families do and it's much more fun with "kids" than to send a young childless couple. Except for Takemizu Village. That place is BORING for kids so I don't use it much.

Sovereign Dark said...

I just laughed throughout this entire entry. The dictionary/thesaurus bit had me laughing myself to tears. I'd done the same thing as a kid and still do at times. What a wonderful little girl Valrae is! Thank you for letting your readers really get to know her, Lor. This has just made my day. ;D

Lorelei said...

Aw thanks Sov! Ditto on the dictionary-thesaurus thing, those were actually my own thoughts, too! I love hearing her opinions on stuff which sometimes spring up out of nowhere as I'm writing, but all are based on real kids I know and have known--including myself!

Sim Girl said...

The vacations in 2 were much better than what they have in 3... cause in TS3 they are not really vacations, they are adventures. You always have to be busy doing jobs lol There are not the fun things to do yet like swimming or sandcastles or log rolling whatever. I wish they had put some of that stuff in too.

Great update. I really liked it lol Val is truly adorable!

Lorelei said...

Thanks for reading and commenting and thanks for taking my little Valrae to your hearts :D