Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lalique Flynn Ch. 4 Goodbye to All That

Lalique knew she needed to tell John of her decision to leave Pleasantview. She'd been hoping that by the time she told him she'd already have found a place to live. Finally she could wait no longer, so she invited him over for dinner, planning to break the news as soon as the meal was over and the dishes cleared. Now she stalled by serving a light dessert of strawberries and Mascarpone cream rather than waiting until later. It was Arlene's night off and she was out, Lalique assumed, with her mystery beau. The twins were in the playroom, using their blocks to build things. It was now or never.

"Let's relax out here," she suggested and they moved to the living area.She looked apprehensive to John and, instead of plopping down next to him she sat on the adjacent love seat so she could face him. A quick dart of dread suddenly pierced him. 

"So, what's up, honey?"

"I'm moving, John. Quite soon, I hope."

There was a beat and then he recovered,

"Where are you going?"

"I'm not sure yet, maybe Bluewater Village, maybe Crystal Creek or even beyond. I haven't found a place yet."

"And this is because?"

It wasn't like she needed to relocate due to a job, and he knew she loved the house and was very proud of it.

"I just feel the twins and I need a change. Alain and Desiree are getting closer and closer to you, John. Soon they'll be confused as to who you are. You don't live with us and what are they to think? They're still very young, though; if we part now it will be easier for them to adjust. Every day that you and I are together it's more likely your wife will find out. And neither of us wants that."

His face betrayed no emotion, but his words did,

"I never meant it to go this far, it's true. I'm very attached to the kids," he paused, "And I'm in love with you. I don't know how I can love two women at the same time, but I do."

He’d never said the “L” word before and Lalique was thrilled yet at the same time she was desolate. She must leave and soon; she’d had to adjust her belt today to accommodate her expanding waist. She would soon have to start wearing loose blouses, if not maternity tops.

“I love you, too, John. I’ve told you that before once or twice, I believe, and you must know it’s true; but this is something I feel I have to do. It was never in the cards for us to be together long term and we both know it. We can’t be in contact after tonight.”

"If you're leaving because you think I won't stay away, that's just wrong. You love this house and I won't let you be moved out of it because you are worried about my reaction. So, while I'm not happy about this, I do understand and will honor your wishes, of course."

“It’s not so much that I think you’ll try to keep seeing me, John. It’s that if I have to run into you in town all the time—and you know that would happen fairly often—eventually I might lose my will power and start up again. Anyway, I haven’t found a new house yet. I know I should just put this one up for sale, but it’s sentimental to me, it represents an accomplishment in a my life. And I know eventually I’ll want to move back here. So I’ll rent it out I suppose.”

“If you want to come back to Pleasantview someday why this rush to leave it now?”

"John. You know why; I need some distance from you. I have to protect Alain and Desiree and my heart. You can never be their father, you can never be my husband, and I understand that. The children and I need to move on."

Of course she had no intention of telling him she was carrying his child.

"But you just said you haven't found a house yet."

I may just rent a house somewhere, not buy one. Or I may have to go with an apartment, though I'd rather not." 

"If you rent this place furnished you'll have a sizable rental income, all you might need is help with a down payment if you buy a second house. I hate to see you rent; it's money down the rat hole. Why don't you buy a house and let me help you with that expense or, better yet, let me get the house for you," he leaned forward hoping to convince her, "I won't interfere with your life; just ease the way for you. I feel responsible for all of this."

"No, John, I had a feeling you might want to do that but it needs to be a clean break between us. If I take help from you now how will I ever stand on my own again?"

He knew when to make a move and when not to and so he nodded. More disappointed than he'd ever thought he could be John was a master at hiding his emotions. So he stood up saying,

"If your mind is made up I guess it's time I was on my way. Okay if I look in on the kids a moment? I just want to get a quick look at those little faces before I go."

Suddenly Lalique felt grief at the thought that not only was he saying goodbye to Alain and Desiree but to the child he'd never know was his.

"Of course, John. You've always been wonderful with them."

They were still playing with their blocks but when John stood in the doorway they laughed and waved at him. Shortly after that and one last, long kiss with Lalique, he left for home. He couldn’t believe how much those two little kids meant to him now and he knew he would miss them forever. How did he get to this point? He never meant it to happen. The loss of Lalique and her children was going to kill him. But there was nothing to do about it and Lalique was right about one thing. Melora might find out and he couldn’t have that. He’d been neglecting her and with the decision to part with Lalique made for him, he could attempt to make up for that. Unfortunately, now he would worry whether Lalique and her children were doing all right and had found a house and he couldn’t even contact her anymore. He knew ways to keep informed on her activities though and he wasn’t above doing that. It wasn’t stalking, just keeping an eye on her for safety’s sake, he told himself. Meanwhile he would get back to concentrating on the wife he loved; she had never deserved any of this.

By the next morning Lalique was close to panicking about not finding a place to move to that was out of Pleasantview, but a few days after she had said goodbye to John her realtor had taken her to a furnished rental home in Bluewater Village that had just come on the market. It was lovely and situated in a quiet section of the village right on the water, but it was much larger than her current home and she was sure she wouldn’t be able to afford it. The agent told her the rent and she was more than surprised. The monthly amount was very reasonable.

“So…what does that mean? Is it haunted? Are there critters in the attic or something?” she was only half-joking.

“No, but it’s been empty a while. In fact it’s a ‘rent with an option to buy’ deal.”

If she rented a furnished home that would be perfect since she planned to lease her current home with furniture included. Lalique wasted no time putting down a deposit and made arrangements now to rent out her own home as soon as she could move out. 

There was no going back now. Poor John; she knew he’d try to stay in her life and that he’d want to help with her expenses. She didn’t dare let him do that. Thank heaven she was getting out before he could know she was pregnant, or he’d probably have insisted she take his help and then where would she be? It was almost more than she could stand to walk away from him. Her heartstrings were wrapped around John and, unfortunately, so were her children’s. She’d had no idea things would get so complicated; if someone had told her she’d finally fall in love and it would be a married man old enough to be her father she’d have laughed. But it had happened, might as well be honest; she’d let it happen. She’d obviously been living in dream world. Well, it was time to wake up…



Sovereign Dark said...

Oh Lalique Flynn..hats off to her. Sometimes it hurts to do the sensible thing. I have new respect for her. Well done again, Lori. As always, I look forward to the next.

Sim Girl said...

Very good update, a little heartbreaking to see them seperate. Good on Lalique though, she made a great decision in not letting him help with expenses. Looking forward to the next update on them, and seeing the baby.

Mrs. Stuffy said...

I feel badly for Lalique. But a gal has got to do what a gal has got to do.

Like the fact that John is going to "keep an eye" on things ;)

Brianne said...

YES, Lalique is back! That makes my good day that much better. :) I'm loving this storyline. It's sadder than I thought it would be to see them part ways.

Lorelei said...

thank you, Ladies :)