Saturday, March 17, 2012

Glenn Caswell Ch. 8 Heard it Through the Grapevine Pt. 1

Lately, Glenn reflected, life seemed a bit crazy and, in self-defense, she found she had become a bit preoccupied with her little dog, Chiquitita. The dear little thing was so much fun to train and such a good companion. Right now Glenn was teaching her to sit up and she thought the puppy was so cute when she’d cock her head to one side plaintively before attempting the feat.

It was Saturday and Gareth was due to come by for a visit. He wanted her to put any chores aside for him to do on these days, but Glenn was so independent she didn’t like to ask anyone for help. However; at Gareth’s impassioned insistence there were a few jobs she no longer attempted, like checking out her gutters from a tall ladder, moving heavy furniture or even dealing with a cranky computer. Software issues Glenn could usually handle, but for hardware problems she counted on Gareth. Today, though, she had nothing for him to do except sit down with her and have a conversation. This was something she looked forward to every time. He’d been a complete joy to Glenn since the day he was born and she never tired of his company. She had been overjoyed when he'd slid into the pew next to her at church the last couple of Sundays. He was by himself, but he was there.

When he came in Gareth played with Chiquitita for a bit and then sat down at the table with Glenn.

"Mom, since I talked with you about, you know, my job and about Lori, I feel so much better. I guess just getting it out there helped a lot. Melanie just told me she wants to go with me to worship tomorrow. She wants to take Scarlett and go as a family. I can't believe it. I thought if she ever did want to go it would take a lot longer than this."

"Well, you know how happy I am to hear that, son," Glenn smiled, "More than happy."

"I'm also realizing that Melanie's idea about staying at the estate with her parents--multi-generational living she calls it--definitely has merit. Olivia and Errol are so good with Scarlett and it frees Melanie and I up to do things together outside the home sometimes. In fact we're going to take a short vacation soon, just the two of us. Seems to me that learning respect for her grandparents as well as her parents will be good for Scarlett. I think they have so much to offer her with their knowledge and talent."

"You may be right. I think things always have an upside and a downside and you just have to choose what works best for you at the moment. You do need to make sure that it is clear to Scarlett who are the parents and who are the grandparents. Sometimes when grandparents are helping to raise children the line can get blurred."

Gareth nodded,

"I've got some more good news; the high school in Bluewater needs a history teacher/coach and I'll start there in the fall. I let the school board know I'll be leaving. They weren't real happy, but there were no hard feelings since I gave them plenty of time to figure out a replacement. Melanie is all pro with that. She totally blew my mind when she said that I shouldn't have waited; that she wants me to do what is best for me--for us. She just didn't realize how unhappy I was. I guess I didn't either. And she said she doesn't care about the money, I should do what I'm really good at. Of course, that's easy for her to say, I suppose, since we're living at her parents' house. We do contribute half toward expenses. We pay for all groceries, too."

Glenn leaned over and squeezed his hand, her eyes bright with unshed tears,

"Just keep praying and trusting in the Lord, son. And how's my little granddaughter?"

"Mom, that kid is our little ray of sunshine. It's like she's filled to the brim with joy and light and she spreads it around without even trying. When I get things going good at my job Melanie is talking about having another one, you know," he grinned wide, "Things are going so well between us now it's like we're falling in love all over again. I know it's me, I've been the problem, but now I feel 100% better and I think since I'm not worrying about the job, I'm able to be a better husband and father."

Glenn didn't ask him if he was getting over Lori; she knew he was working at it and if he hadn't already, he soon would be healed. Talking about it now wouldn't help anything.

"That's fantastic, totally fantastic."

Suddenly Gareth became serious and looked uncomfortable. Then he said,

"The other day Melanie and I were talking, Errol and Olivia had gone out on the boat that day and Scarlett was playing practically at our feet and it was nice to have just the three of us together. Then Melly told me something that I just couldn't believe at first. I didn't know what to do, she wanted an answer and I didn't have one."

"What is it? You're scaring me."

"I'm sorry. Melly told me that I could tell you," he went on.

"Tell me...what?" Glenn wanted to scream.

"She said, well...she said Uncle John's been getting it on with her sister, Lalique. She swears it's true. I didn't want to believe it, but I finally had to; Melanie wouldn't lie about that. She told me it was okay to tell you since I told her how close you are to him and you might know what to do."

He threw the information down like a weight he'd been carrying on his back and was relieved to drop.

Glenn felt immense relief since this was not news to her.

"Yes, I know about it. He has ended the affair though. I understand Lalique has moved from Pleasantview to Bluewater. Melora asked John to leave and he did but he is begging her to go to couples counseling with him. Naturally, I couldn't tell you before she told her own children. And she does not know it's Lalique; she just knows there was a woman."

"Man, I feel so bad for Aunt Melora...and for Lori and everyone. Like I said, I had a hard time believing it of Uncle John. He's been kind of a father figure to me, you know that. I always looked up to him and I thought he and Melora had this really successful marriage. But, there's more...maybe you already know this too, I don't know."

"More?" Glenn's heart suddenly plummeted into her stomach like a stone.

"The reason Melanie is so upset now is that Lalique is pregnant and she hasn't told Uncle John, she hasn't even told her parents or her older sister, Yvette. Melanie doesn't know what to do, what to say or think. She didn't feel she could even tell me because Lalique didn't want anybody to know. When Melanie finally told me anyway it was because, after Lalique almost lost the baby and Melanie had to take her to the hospital, she really wanted her parents to know and she didn't want to tell them without telling me first. So here Melanie was feeling guilty for not telling me yet ashamed for giving away Lalique's secret--like it could stay a secret for long anyway. I guess that's why Lalique was in such an allfire hurry to move out of Pleasantview. If she had to do this why'd she have to drag Melanie into it and then swear her to silence? I'll tell you, I'm more than a little ticked with Lalique for putting her in the middle of a mess she didn't make."

Glenn was still staring at him, she'd been caught completely unaware this time. Pregnant? Lalique's pregnant. Well, damn, John.


Sim Girl said...

OOOO!!! Well written, a great way to get the news out there. I am looking forward to the next one, and I wish it was out already xD! I wonder what Glenn will do with this new information.

Lorelei said...

Yeah, Part 2 will be out later probably...

Mrs. Stuffy said...

No more hiding for Lalique. Wonder what Glen is going to do with that info.

Sovereign Dark said...

Well, there goes the ceiling. I'm.... just going to read part 2 now because I'm half off my chair. Brilliant, dear! ;D