Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Lassiters Ch. 12 Indiscreet Part 2

John and Melora were at the Fabulous Fifties Diner with their oldest friends when it happened. They had just been served and out of the corner of his eye John saw Lalique walk in to the restaurant. She was seated at a table nearby and right where she could see John and Melora. He had the uncomfortable feeling she might have tipped the host generously to get that table. She had been quite subtle when she came into Goth's the time that he was talking to Madeleine Ferguson, months ago, but this time she was looking at him intensely. 

He was torn. Actually, just seeing her excited him and, on the other hand, he was sickened at the thought that Melora might notice. He should have been angry; Lalique was hardly showing good judgment; his car was parked just outside, she must have recognized it and knew he'd be inside. As always, though, her beauty broke his heart and her adoring gaze was like a balm to his male ego. Not by word or deed did he let Lalique, or anyone else for that matter, know how shook up he was or that he'd even seen her. John had always been skilled at hiding his feelings. His friends were laughing and talking and it helped him to stay calm and able to focus on the conversation going on at the booth.  Lalique had received her food, but left her meal half eaten after a few minutes and exited the restaurant. She looked at him again as she left but John avoided her eyes and kept talking to the group.


Melora, always a people person, was having such a good time with their friends that she never noticed the brunette eying her husband hungrily. John was grateful for that and humbled, at least for the moment.


Back at home, they said goodbye to their friends and everyone agreed they must do this again soon.

As they readied for bed, John was still feeling guilt and remorse and rightly so. Vowing he would end the affair somehow, he poured out his passion and love to Melora as he hadn't done in a long time. Lately he'd begun to allow Felina to sleep on their bed with them, but she was evicted and spent that night on her cat tree wondering what could possibly have come over the humans who lived with her. How rude.

However; the next morning when he thought of calling Lalique to meet him somewhere so he could say goodbye, John's resolve wavered and then collapsed. He just could not give her up. After all, he justified himself again, it wasn't like he intended to leave Melora; it wasn't as though he loved Lalique. I  love Melora as I always have, he maintained. His feelings for Lalique were separate and distinct. He cared very much for her, of course, but that did not take away from his immense love for his wife. He would be much more discreet in the future, though, he would never want to hurt Melora. As though he had not already done that; as though he had not begun to hurt her the moment he asked Lalique to sit outside with him and talk that first day at Goth's.

With seeing Lalique the night before and not being able to talk to her, hold her, kiss her, John wanted to be with her more than ever. Between his new health regimen and the attentions of this captivating woman he felt more youthful than he had in years. Whenever he was not with her she was still in his thoughts. Her lovely face and figure filled his mind. It made him crazy, yet it also made him drunk with pleasure. Yes, he needed to be with her and it could not be soon enough.


Brianne said...

Well worth the wait! What a scandalous story. I look forward to tomorrow's installment. :)

Vee said...

Ah John, you creepy old man! I hope he gets caught but not at the expense of these two beautiful women he's hurting. Looking forward to Part 3! :D

Lorelei said...

The truth will out! Eventually, way or another...

Sim Girl said...

lol well, loved the update. I am sure the truth is bound to be found soon... these things are never kept secret. The wife always knows. Always.