Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How The Voting Went

The polls are closed and I thought I would review the results.

The 1st poll was on John Lassiter:

There was a majority vote for him to "confess to Melora, but still keep in contact with his child" (6 votes 85%) Nobody wants to punish the kid, obviously.

Two (28%) votes for him to go with Lalique, but still see Melora.One voter was more than ready for him to "take a long walk off a short pier" (14%) :D

No one thought the women should timeshare him and no one--in this particular poll--wanted him to go off with Lalique and be a father to all of her children.

The 2nd poll was on Melora Lassiter:

The decision on Melora was almost as clear-cut. It seems hardly anyone wanted her to be hasty. There were 5 votes for kicking him out but not making any drastic changes right away. (This was opposed to kicking him out and starting divorce proceedings immediately which got no votes).

The voters were evidently divided on whether she should take him back and try to save their marriage or take him back and make him suffer; 2 votes for each choice (28%).

There was one vote to hire a hitman to kill John, but at least they did not want the "kill him...WITH PAIN" option. I guess the no-pain scenario would involve someone holding a gun to his head and forcing him to swallow a bottle of sleeping pills? LOL

The 3rd and final poll was on Lalique Flynn:

People seemed to be more undecided on Lalique's fate.

There were 4 votes (57%) for letting John know about the pregnancy AND allowing him to help her.

3 votes (42%), however; wanted her to leave P'view and stay his mistress AND let him parent all the children.

This is in direct contrast to the way people answered on John's poll where no one voted for him to go with Lalique and help her raise the children.

Interesting. I think that is possibly due to the sympathy they feel for Lalique as opposed to John. She's a woman who "loved not wisely but too well" while John is viewed mostly as a selfish and horny old codger. Poor guy. I did this to him. :)

2 votes (28%) went for the option to let him buy her a home and then dump him for somebody younger.This is also an interesting idea, although I have to say she has dated almost every single guy in Pleasantview and not found the right one. But as they say; things change.

1 vote (16%) was for her to leave Pleasantview to raise her children on her own and definitely shut John out.

So, all this is fascinating and I've been brainstorming with my sister-in-law, Linda, on the future of these three Sims and how I can get them out of the mess I put them in. Linda never reads the blog, doesn't go online much and never played Sims, but she loves fiction and making up up plots. So we've come up with a couple ideas that will probably stick fairly close to the poll results, but tweaked a little here and there. I'm excited about it actually. Thanks to everyone who voted! This was a lot of fun for me; I hope it was for you, too.

It will be a while until I get back to the Lalique-John-Melora triangle because I have to get a bit of story in on Larry Max and his brood. Then I have some 8 chapters waiting to go on Brian and Meadow Ottomas. Four of them will be published after the Lomax stuff for sure; maybe all 8.

Then at that point I'll probably get back to the triangle. Meanwhile, Lori and Harvey are waiting around to be played and all 10 kids at University are wondering when they will be able to begin their classes. Oh, dear, so many Sims poised for my command. Isn't it fun to wield such power as you have with this game? Sometimes I get a little weird about it (a little?) It's like "I am the sim-god; she who must be obeyed". Then again, just when you think you have things under control, your simmies find a way to blow your plans and your mind at the same time. ROFL!


Vee L. said...

Interesting poll results. Not hard to guess who wanted John to take a long walk off a short plank AND that he be killed (without pain) by a hitman. :D :D

Ah the fun we can have with pretend folks.

Vee L. said...

Lorelei, the other day when I mentioned about your comments, I was talking about the word verification (captcha). Like I said, I am not suggesting you remove it, I was just letting you know that I find it difficult to leave comments on blogs that have captcha as a requirement (and many blogs do) if I am accessing blogs on my iPod Touch, which is what I use when I'm travelling. So... no comment from me doesn't mean I haven't read your post, just that the comments section wasn't able to load or took too long to load for me when I'm not at a desktop or laptop. :)

Lorelei said...

Okay I went back to being able to moderate but got rid of the word verification. I only put it on because I saw so many warnings about spam comments. I know you get those because I have your comments coming via email and so I get the comments that are spam but then if I went there to look I assume you have already deleted the spam because the comment is gone. Let me know if it's easier to comment now :)

Lorelei said...

I know you weren't telling me to get rid of it but I do want it to be easy for people to comment.