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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Errol Flynn Family Ch. 7 Yvette Flynn Wilson Pt. 1

Every night Errol Flynn's oldest daughter, Yvette, made berry pies in the big old-fashioned kitchen of her farmhouse. These were to be sold from their front yard the following day. Her husband Mark worked on his car restorations on Wednesdays, one of the two days their home run business was closed. And on most other days after supper he worked on one car or another often until after dark.

One Friday night their daughter, Simone, had a friend over, Ryan Blackford. It was summertime and they both could stay out past dark on weekends so they went swimming in the pool and Mark took a break from his work to join them.

After Mark walked Ryan home and came back the family enjoyed video games for a while before bedtime. Simone loved Friday and Saturday nights with her little family.

Early Saturday morning Simone woke up and quickly ran out to pick her lemons for the lemonade she always made to sell on weekends. Her mother ran the stand during the week until Simone got home.

"Get in this house, Missy!" Yvette called to her through the kitchen window. She was fuming. When it was hot summer Simone slept in her undies and today she'd run out without thinking about it. She came in and put the fruit she'd collected so far on the counter.

"But I'm in a hurry!"

"You're much too old to run around outdoors like that. Go get dressed quickly and you can still get the rest picked in time."

"Oh, my undies don't show anything more than my swimsuit," Simone complained, but she kept moving, taking the stairs two at a time.

Yvette voice came up the stairs after her, 

"I know, I know, but you just can't wear only your underclothes outside the house, honey."

"I'm gonna sleep in my swimsuit from now on," Simone muttered to herself as she put on jeans and a tank top."

It was a busy day for the Wilsons. They sold fresh fruit and veggies and delicious fruit pies and Mark usually had at least two of his freshly restored cars for sale. Of course, Simone had her lemonade stand front and center. She usually did pretty well and her mother let her keep the money providing she put half of it in her savings account. Simone was careful with her money anyway, what didn't go in the bank went in her little piggy bank. From time to time she got a little bit out of it when she wanted something special.

The fruit stand was open all week except Wednesdays and Sundays, but Saturday was their big sales day and the day that Simone helped out the most. On schooldays she came home and sold lemonade in the afternoon as well as helped lug produce out to customer's cars and acted as a gofer for her parents. This was unless one of two things happened. If she had an unusual amount of homework or a special project in school, then she went in the house and concentrated on that. Or if she brought a friend home from school for a pre-arranged playdate, then she was naturally encouraged to go off and have fun. But of course for Mark and Yvette, the produce market on their lawn took precedence over their own social activities.

One morning Simone was talking to Nibbles, her pet hamster.

"Here you go, Nibbles. Eat your breakfast."She had really wanted a dog, but so far she had only conned her parents into this furry little thing, but she loved tiny Nibbles. She kept his cage in her bedroom, the new one her parents had painted and decorated for her. Her birthday would be soon and maybe she could have a puppy for a birthday gift, she mused.

"You wouldn't be sad if I got a puppy, would you, Nibbles? I promise I'll still take very good care of you and Mom says she always checks on you when I'm at school."

His little twitching whiskers suddenly stopped still and to Simone he looked rather shocked. But at least he did not look sad.

But how could she keep a puppy and Nibbles both in her bedroom? Sometimes Nibbles managed to escape his cage and usually hid in her dollhouse. She didn't want her puppy to eat Nibbles or anything.

"Breakfast, Simone!" Yvette called up the stairs.

"I have to go now!" Simone cuddled Nibbles and placed him back in his cage whereupon he immediately began running inside his little wheel like something terrible was on his heels. She couldn't help but wonder if he had understood her and was practicing how to run fast from any hungry little canines she might bring home.

Breakfast was cold cereal and she talked with her mother while they ate until lher Aunt Lalique showed up to help out as cashier. Simone had to get on the school bus just when all the fun was starting, but then it began to rain and she knew they would have to run around and put tarps and sheets of plastic over everything hoping it would not rain long. That was never fun. If it rained all day it could ruin the sales and they'd have to bring in all the pies. So she decided she'd rather be at school after all.

The next day was Wednesday and the business was closed for the day. On Wednesdays after cleaning the house Yvette would usually be doing other errands that took her into town like banking and shopping. Sometimes she visited her mother on Wednesdays and Mark took those days to work on restorations and sometimes went to out of the way places to buy second hand car parts. But on this particular day, after her housework and while Mark worked on a car, Yvette came out to do some fishing. Fish from their pond made up a large portion of what they ate, and Yvette thought it was a beautiful day to be outside. 

It was early afternoon and the gardener was working that day when suddenly she fell to her knees, cried out once saying, "Oh, woe!" and fell down dead. Yvette felt terrible that this had happened and what was worse, none of the gardener's family was around to beg the Grim Reaper for another chance for her. So Yvette begged him herself. She hardly knew the woman, but she looked quite young to have had a heart attack and Yvette pointed this out. The black wraith that was the Grim Reaper didn't look or act much impressed. Mark had come over from where he was working.

"It's no use, Yvette," he said sadly, "Look at him, he has no heart. She's bought the barn, I guess."

The unfeeling Reaper nodded in silent agreement and soon departed with the luckless gardener leaving behind only a headstone.

They were just grateful that the whole thing was over before little Simone got home from school, which was only about a half hour later. Especially since they would be celebrating her birthday after supper…

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Harvey and Lori Ferguson Ch. 15 The Case of the Wayward Desk

One evening after an early supper Lori was upstairs sewing when Harvey came into the room and asked,

"Hey, Brat, what do you think about me refinishing that desk of yours now?"

"Sure, that would be great--is there enough room to work up there? I know we've been shoving stuff up there ever since we moved in--"

"No, I looked earlier, I think I can do it, but I'll have to open the window and use the fan to keep the air circulating. Especially if I paint or stain. Do you want it to look the same--I mean use the same color paint? Or can I just strip it and stain it or maybe give it a distressed look?"

Lori shrugged,

"If you're willing to do this, you can do it any way you want, sweetie. Probably it would be better stained anyway. When we put the cribs away and get them beds eventually I had planned on sticking to a natural wood tone. But if that's too dull, go ahead and experiment."

"Okay, great."

Heading up to the attic Harvey looked over the desk and the area around it, plotting his next steps. He spread newspapers around and next he would take out all the drawers. He had already emptied all the papers, and other items out of the desk at her mother's house and put them in boxes for Lori to sort. At the same time the drawers were put in the truck separately just to lighten the weight as he and Gareth moved the big desk, but once it was in the attic he'd put the empty drawers back in place. It was simple and quick to remove them again now. But he hadn't worried about the little secret cupboard drawers; they weighed next to nothing, but they had to come out so he could strip and sand everything. It was when he opened one of these little cubbies that a small envelope fluttered out from underneath the drawer. It had evidently been taped underneath the drawer; there was still tape on it that was no longer sticky. As he bent to retrieve it he realized a photo had fallen out of it. The photo was upside down and he turned it over curiously.

It was a photo of a man. It took Harvey a moment to recognize him because his hair was different and he was younger, but it was definitely Brian Ottomas. He knew Lori had once had a thing for him when she was sixteen, she'd told Harvey about it back in college, but she'd claimed he had never returned her feelings. So how did she come to have a photo of him?

Harvey stuck it back in the envelope and put it on the desk next to some decorative boxes stored there. She might still want it; certainly it was her property. He tried to focus his mind back on the task at hand, but he could not. Finally he took the envelope and went down to Lori's sewing room where she was still working.

She'd heard him come down from the attic and, without looking up, asked,

"How's it going?" 

He laid the envelope down on the sewing table beside her.

"I found this in your desk; or it fell out of your desk, anyway. Thought you might want it."

Lori looked at it and had a momentary sick feeling. She recognized it and she knew what was inside.

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"Open it," Harvey suggested.

His face showed no expression and there was nothing to do but pick up the envelope and slip the photo out. Of course, it was the picture she took years ago at the Arcade; the one Brian had posed for only reluctantly. She had actually forgotten about it even existing. The last time she'd looked at it was when she came home for a visit during college; right after she'd run into Brian at Goth's. 

University Update where Lori runs into Brian and tells Harvey about it HERE

Then she'd tucked it back into the envelope and taped it back in its secret place in the cubby. How stupid of her. How incredibly stupid. She should have destroyed it at the time because by then she knew she loved Harvey and they were talking marriage. Now she barely glanced at it before putting it back down on the table. She stood up, looking into his eyes so he would know it meant nothing.

"Harvey, I just forgot about it being there, you must know that. I haven't even thought about it in years. It was just..."

"I know the whole story; all about how you thought he was so wonderful, but he was older and didn't care about you. What bothers me is that you kept it."

"I didn't really make a conscious effort to 'keep it'; I just forgot it was there."

Harvey's face was still expressionless as he told her,

"Well, now you have it back again."

"I don't want it," she whispered then added in a stronger voice, "Please don't make this into a big thing. It's nothing. I was just a kid. I'll tear it up."

"Oh, I know you were just a kid," for the first time he showed some anger, "You were just a kid when you got it but what about when we were in college--why didn't you throw it out then?"

She had no answer for that but she pointed out,

"Well, obviously I haven't even looked at it until you gave it to me, not in years. That's why it was still in the desk. If I'd wanted it why would I have left it there?"

He thought about it and relented a little.

"Yeah, I guess. It just...took me by surprise. You told me about him after you saw him that time, but I thought of the guy as this old man you chased after and who didn't feel the same way about you. That's what you told me. I mean, he still dresses like a biker...or a drug lord or something. In that picture, though, he doesn't look so threatening so I guess I can see how you could have been attracted, even if he was a lot older. You're always so dramatic, it would have appealed to you. The thing is, he posed for you, didn't he," it was not a question, it was more of an accusation, "I mean, he knew you wanted a photo of him, knew that's what you were doing. If he didn't care about you that way and wanted you to leave him alone---which is what you kept telling me--why would he do that? It's more like he was at least a little involved with you."

At last Lori didn't know what to say. Brian had posed for her, that was true, and he'd done it to please her...knowing that she was crazy about him. She dared not tell Harvey that Brian had taken a photo of her, too; in fact, she'd just recalled that with a jolt. Of course, he had probably gotten rid of it when he left town that time along with the cell phone that--but never mind about the cell phone. That was another can of worms she didn't want to open. Now that she thought about the whole thing through an adult's eyes, it was admittedly odd behavior for a man who was bored by a teenager running after him. Especially if he was trying to get rid of her. 

Harvey was remembering,

"Now that I'm thinking about it in retrospect, you were up there by the band at the block party, right next to him practically. Like a dumb groupie--even though his wife was right up there, too. Or didn't you care?"

"Harvey...I..." she stammered. 

"When the dance was over I was with Gareth and Mel and I looked over and you were having what looked like a serious conversation with him." 

"But it didn't bother you then--"

Harvey's face showed irritation and embarrassment,

"Yes, it did, I just didn't want to admit I was jealous."

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Oh, fine, Lori thought. All this time he's been upset about this. What do I do now? I can't bear to have Harvey angry with me; I never could.

She looked down at the picture again, suddenly hating Brian for the moment. Nothing, nothing, nothing had ever really even happened yet he kept coming back into her life one way or another...and causing problems when he did so.

"Well, this is just stupid," she said in disgust.

Quickly folding the photo she tore it in half once and then again and chucked it in the wastebasket by the table. 

"There. All gone. I'm so sorry, honestly, I just didn't remember that I even had it," she apologized.

"You didn't have to do that," Harvey began.

"Oh, yeah, right," now she was the one who was irritated, "I like some guy when I'm sixteen years old who never even held hands with me, he goes away, I don't see him FOR YEARS and when I do, the first time it's in a public place and the second time, I'm with you and you can see everything. Yet, I'm facing an inquisition. Yeah, I definitely did have to get rid of it."

Harvey looked ashamed suddenly and Lori was instantly sorry she'd said it that way.

"Harvey. Honey. I don't care about the photo. I don't want it. Especially if it made you feel bad. Because I love you--more than ever--and I never want to hurt you. 

Don't you know that by now?"

She slipped her arms around him and hugged him and he responded as warmly as ever. Then his lips met hers. 

So that was an end to it, Lori thought with relief. Everything was back to normal.