Monday, February 7, 2011

Sim State U Ch 7 This 'n That Pt. 2

 A very short and final update on the Sims State U kids

Trey and Andy

There was a small house right next door to Horrible House and Trey and Andy were excited to rent it. This house, like Horrible House, had a pond and a pool, but was much smaller with just two bedrooms. Andy made a few personal changes at this time. He cut his hair short and shaved off his beard and mustache but Trey decided to keep his and his hair was already pretty short. They couldn’t decide where or what or if on tats so they put that off for now.

Trey called Gareth on the phone when they moved in,

“Man, you’ll have to come over. The place is great but it was owned by a little old lady and the kitchen has pink counters and the bathroom is pink with pink flowers on the can,” Trey laughed, “My mom has a bathroom like that and sometimes my dad uses it, but I never have. Now I don’t have a choice.”

“Yeah, but at least you have your own bathroom, dude, remember the showers at the dorms?” Gareth replied, “And Chelsea and Holly actually like your place. Melanie and Lori hate and detest Horrible House!”

The living room

The kitchen

Trey's room

 Trey's embarrassment: the pink flowered bathroom

Andy's room

Trey really enjoyed the pond and for Andy it was the pool. He sometimes was able to talk Trey into leaving off fishing and playing Marco Polo. Sometimes Llama Aaron joined them. One thing about having a pool and pond was that Llamas, cows and cheerleaders seem to calm down their frantic cheering and practical jokes and start fishing and swimming.

Llama Aaron was exposed as a real human being when he went swimming one day. And the same for Vicki the cow.

Trey had missed fishing so much since he left home. There was a pond at the park on campus, but he never had time to go. When he caught a rainbow trout right off the bat, Trey just knew he was going to love living there.

Andy also liked to relax after breakfast reading the newspaper. He was as much of a gamer as Trey so they frequently enjoyed the many games at the house.

Melora came by one day to spend a little time with her brother Trey. They never got to see each other much with their busy schedules. They usually spent their Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations catching up while they were at home.

Trey threw a graduation party to which all the kids came. Unfortunately Andy was taking his finals and couldn’t attend. Trey eagerly greeted each person as they arrived and tried to spend a little time talking with each person during the party. Corky hit the fruit punch a little hard, but Elle was tolerant.

Then it was time for the boys to say goodbye to their little house and head for home.

Corky and Elle

When Corky and Elle left Pinenut dorm they rented a cute little house with a floor plan very similar to the place Alexander Goth had rented. However this place had been enlarged so it was easily big enough for two people.  This meant there was room for Corky’s piano. The house was right across the street from Horrible House and the house Trey and Andy rented.

Living room

 Downstairs bathroom



They finally had all the privacy they could want. Except for Llama B.J., the cow, the cheerleader and various professors who liked to ring the doorbell then run to the mailbox before you could get to the door. Repeatedly.

They still both loved games, but unfortunately had no room for pinball machines. So they played a lot of SSX3 and EA Sports.

They were able to fit two desks into the bedroom. So they worked on their term papers and then made time for romance.

The first semester they were at the house they both had class at the same time; that was an unusual convenience.

Elle had learned some basic cooking skills from her mother, but nothing fancy. Fortunately, Corky’s favorite meals seemed to be chili and spaghetti. Or it might have been he claimed that because he loved Elle so much and didn’t want to pressure her.  Either way it was a lot better than continual TV Dinners.

Corky had been thinking about his future life and the name Corky did not seem very professional to him. Of course, Corky was not his real name, it was actually Courtney; Courtney Evan. He was named after his mother’s uncle. Unfortunately nowadays Courtney had become more popular as a girl’s name. However Elle thought Courtney Lomax sounded rather distinguished. Corky went back and forth with it, then Elle said didn’t anyone have a nickname for his mother’s uncle? Yes, his mother had actually called him Uncle Court as had the whole family. Court Lomax? Would Elle and all their friends be comfortable call him that?

“I don’t know about everyone else, but as long as you love me, I’ll call you Courtney, or Court or Corky or Angel Drawers; anything you want,” Elle said, hugging him.

“Oh, Angel Drawers; that has to be it,” he laughed.

He finally decided his legal name Courtney E. Lomax would be what he used professionally but his friends and family could still call him Corky.

When Llama B.J. trimmed the bushes and pulled weeds one afternoon outgoing Elle went out to thank him. He was overwhelmed by her gratitude and friendliness. Consequently she was frequently able to get him to leave on a friendly note when she felt he was staying too long.

However one day when Elle was in class B.J. showed up and bothered the gardener by cheering endlessly and then doing his assignment right at her feet. This naturally made it hard for her to do her job.

It wasn’t long before the cow showed up to aggravate the gardener as well with his irritating practical jokes. After some preliminaries a difference of opinion as to who should be the one to torment the gardener began. This suddenly erupted into a scuffle. It seems that whenever a llama dukes it out with a cow, the llama is the victor and this time was no exception. The cow departed in defeat although he tried to make it look as though leaving was his own idea.

One sunny spring day Colby Goth was walking by when a sudden hailstorm begam. Corky quickly asked him in and they passed a couple of hours catching up on their various friends.

When B.J. showed up at night he was always catching fireflies and then leaving the jar there. The poor fireflies would die if they were left there for long. So, one of Corky’s jobs was freeing the fireflies that the llama captured. During the day it was Elle who released the butterflies B.J. caught. Corky did not have the patience Elle did and occasionally threatened to bust B.J. right in the chops the next time he showed up. Elle always convinced him to give B.J. another chance.

Although they worked hard; Corky and Elle's life was not just assignments, term papers and class. “Afternoon Delight” often led to cozy suppers in the middle of the night.

Finally it was the evening of their senior year and time to take their last semester finals. They waited together watching TV for the last time in their cozy home. After receiving their degrees they were on their way back to Pleasantview.

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