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SPECIAL UPDATE! Sorting out the Ferguson Clan

Some of the families in Pleasantview that have been in the blog since the beginning are now so large that I feel a recap of the relationships would be helpful to the reader. As I do updates on the other families in the next couple months I will finish each family section with a refresher chapter on that particular family. This does not mean their story is done, just that the latest update section is closed.

Anyway, at this time I'll concentrate on the Shep Ferguson family. Eventually I will probably make a permanent "page" for each family.

I already covered the complicated relationships of Shep's brother Scott's family in Chapter 12 so I will focus on Shep's children and grandchildren in this post. I couldn't publish this at the start of the Ferguson Clan updates because it would have given away plots and info on the babies they all were expecting. :D
When Shep and Madeleine came to Pleasantview from San Francisco they had three children, all teenagers. Gillian was the oldest at 17, Margo was the middle child at 15 and Nicky was the baby of the family at that time, 14 years old. I'm using their adult photos for this and Shep and Madeleine's photos are of them from that time. Later I will show them as elders.

The twins, Harvey and Holly, were born in Pleasantview and Debbie was adopted when she was a little girl, she's just a few years younger than the twins. That made six children, all told.

Sheppard and Madeleine Ferguson when they first arrived in  Pleasantview:

Here's a profile shot of Madeleine as an adult with her hair pulled up to reveal her fairly normal ears (I'll refer to this later):

Gillian, Margo and Nicky as adults:

The twins, Harvey and Holly and youngest daughter Debbie

Shep and Madeleine the way they looked around the time the twins were teenagers and Debbie was a child.

Time marches on and as Shep and Madeleine became elders the grandchildren began arriving. Fifteen so far. Below, Shep and Madeleine as the grandparents and seniors they are now in the story:

By the way, compare the photo above to the one of Madeleine at the top of the page when she was an adult. You'll see the profound changes that happened when she became an elder. Weird. Especially her large pointed ears. See below for a comparison:

Eldest daughter, Gillian married Jeremy Blackford.

And proceeded to have four children, That's Robby on the left, Ryan on the right. And the twins, Stephen and Sabrina, toddlers.

Second daughter, Margo married Kevin Candeloro

They also have four children, two sets of twins:

James Sheppard, (Jamie) named after Kevin's father Jim and Margo's father, Shep, Madeleine Rose (Maddie) Rose is Kevin's mother's middle name. The younger twins are Mallen De Santis, named after Kevin's great grandmother, and Margaret Claire (or Marnie), named after Margo, on the far right.

                                           Jamie                                      Maddie                                                       

                                  Mallen                            Marnie

Nicky married Allyn Thompson:

They just had twins, boy and girl, named Connor and Lorna, but they, too, are still infants so there are no pictures at this time. (In Sims 2 all infants or "nooboos" look the same except for the color of their eyes and their eyebrows).

Holly married Andy Lomax right after college and they live in the big Lomax house. Updates on Holly and her family will appear with the Lomax chapters.

They have three children. Twins Arliss on the left, and Alexa in the center. Bradley is on the right.

Debbie is not married yet and has no children. The photo above is of her as a young adult at University.

Holly's twin, Harvey, married Lori Lassiter, his sweetheart in high school and college.

They have twins. Graylan Harvey on the left and Valrae Melora on the right.

I hope this helps to keep track of the family if you desire that. It has been added as a static page so people can refer to it whenever needed.  Just look for the tab at the top of the blog page that says "The Shep Ferguson Family" ~~Author


Vee said...

Hi Lorelei, sorry I've not kept up with your blog. I'm currently travelling through India, so not much time! This post is VERY helpful. Thank you so much for writing it as it makes it easier to work out who's who. :)

Lorelei said...

That's okay, I do know you are on the move. I had a number of other followers (who also ordinarily keep really close watch on my blog) drop off for a while, though, due to various reasons, one was traveling too. I got worried though, that I was posting too often (I've got a ton of chapters written and new storylines for certain Sims so was anxious to get them out there, I guess). Anyway, I waited a bit to make sure people could catch up, I think I'll have to go back to every 3 days or even 4. I really don't like posting only twice a week though. I guess I get over-eager lol

Sim Girl said...

I was one that had to stop for a few weeks! Sorry lol vacations get in the way of life sometimes xD! Anwyay, catching up - uhm I think posting them every 4 days is good. I know totally about wanting to get it out there though. When they are ready you want to publish!