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Shep Ferguson Ch. 7 The Rest of the Clan Pt. 4

Nicky and Allyn Ferguson

Nicky, formerly a well known bachelor and player, and his new wife, Allyn, were discussing whether to have children right away or not. Nicky was in favor of it, but Allyn wanted to do a little traveling first.
They were virtually newlyweds and still getting used to living with each other, so all differences of opinion were ended with a kiss or two…or more.

The next day Nicky said that if Allyn would really like to travel they’d better start thinking about which places she’d like to go.

He’d been teaching her to fish and Allyn thought it might be fun if they took a few days to go to the mountains and sample the trout fishing. Nicky concurred and suggested Three Lakes as a place she might want to start. He’d been there many times as a kid.

Allyn was very excited and looked up Three Lakes on the internet. After checking out the accommodations In Three Lakes, they talked over where they should stay. Nicky had always just camped at the Axe Wood Campgrounds, but he thought that might be a little too primitive for Allyn at this stage, maybe one of the resorts or hotels?

Nicky preferred that they stay at the Sky Vista Hotel; it was the most prestigious. Allyn protested,

“Can’t we at least try the camping, Nicky? You said it’s free. Then we could save a little money that way.”

She was much more frugal than Nicky.

“Well, I thought this would be our belated honeymoon—how romantic can I get in a tent?”

Allyn giggled,

“I'll bet I’d be surprised.”

He grinned,

“You little savage--but, seriously, baby, I think we should get a room or suite at the Sky Vista. Maybe we’ll check out the camping next time.”

Allyn pouted prettily, but went ahead and made the online reservations.

They now had reservations for three days and two nights at the Sky Vista Hotel. It grew colder over the next week and the leaves that had been just turning colors began to drift slowly down. Fall was finally here and the mountains would be much colder than in the summer. Nicky and Allyn dressed more warmly now. Over breakfast one Saturday, the day before their vacation, in fact, Nicky announced,

“I’ve been thinking I’d like to start inviting some of my family over. I thought I’d start with Margo and her brood. I love those kids and I’d like to see them. Today if possible. Would that be a problem for you?”

“Of course not, silly,” Allyn replied, “But I don’t want to make it too late a night since we’re leaving tomorrow morning.

“No they’ll probably come during the day since it’s Saturday.”

Margo and Kevin brought the oldest twins, but left the new babies with Madeleine and Shep. 

Right away Nicky and Kevin put in a video game. Maddie and Jamie went upstairs to the “nursery in waiting” because Allyn had told them they could use the play-station up there.

Kevin noticed the large portrait of Nicky, done by Madeleine when he was a teenager. It was hard to believe Nicky ever looked that sweet and innocent, he thought, even at fourteen. Nicky's rep as a "rake and a ramblin' man" preceded him, even with his family. They hoped his abrupt switch to a husband and family man was a long term commitment and not a temporary and brief aberration.

Allyn watched the men for a while and then went to the kitchen to fix dinner while Margo sat at the dining room table and chatted with her. Shortly thereafter she told Kevin to call Maddie and Jamie down. After the meal the kids took over the video game while the adults chatted. 

Kevin and Margo left around supper time. To Nicky’s surprise, as he was waving goodbye to the back of the Candeloro Explorer, along came Harvey and Lori Ferguson.

“Well, we were up in town and decided to just swing by and see if you were home,” Harvey said, “Was that Kevin and Margo driving off?”

“Yep, they and the twins were here for dinner.”

“Maybe we should just go on home; you two may have had enough company for the day,” Harvey said.

“No, no,” Nicky waved a hand casually, “Don’t sweat it, kid. Come on in, glad to have you.”

Allyn was anxious to get to know Lori; they were the two “sister-in-laws” of the family. So they sat down in the dining room to enjoy some conversation. It was way too noisy in the living room where Nicky and Harvey were playing a video game. Lori cleared her throat and remarked,

“Um, I notice you have a high chair here in the dining room…”

Ally laughed,

“Oh, I see what you might be thinking. No, I’m not pregnant, but Nicky definitely does want to have children as soon as possible. I would like time alone together for a while before we do that. We’re compromising by taking a couple trips this year and then we’ll be working on it. He even insisted that we decorate the nursery NOW.”

“Oh, we did our nursery ahead, too, but it was me who wanted to set it up ahead of time,” Lori admitted, “We’re waiting the same as you, to travel and enjoy each other while we have plenty of time so, of course, that means no babies yet."

Lori smiled, but looked a bit regretful.

They yakked some more about life in Pleasantview; about being newlyweds and new home owners and Allyn starting a cooking class soon.

“Well, I guess I’d better get Harvey home,” Lori said finally, “He and Nicky have played rock-paper-scissors long enough they’re getting a little peevish about it when they lose. Men are like little boys a lot of the time—did you ever notice?”

Allyn nodded with a smile, “Yep, they can be a real pain in the butt, but then they can be so sweet.”

Lori nodded,

“And besides that; these Ferguson men are so darned sexy.”

Both women giggled like school girls.

Nicky and Allyn thanked Harvey and Lori for stopping by and were wished a great vacation by the young couple.

They were packed and ready and would be off at first light...

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*giggle* They are pretty sexy huh? lol That was a great day before the trip! Lots of visitors. These two are a cute couple as well. Can not wait to see their babies!