Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sim State U Ch 7 This 'n That Pt. 1

Last Days At Horrible House

Colby had one last game with Gareth before he and Harvey graduated. Colby would be at U one semester longer.

Harvey graduated and called the taxi. Confetti flew and he was immediately clothed in a green kimono. What was worse was he had to go home in it.

Next to leave was Gareth who ended up in old man shorts, but at least he was wearing a regular muscle shirt. Harvey had said a few bad words when he looked down and saw the kimono. But Gareth, always upbeat, just said,

“Cool confetti, man,” he looked down at his attire, “Whatever. Okay, on to the future.”

Llama Hobart was finally unmasked when he went swimming. He wasn’t bad looking and could probably catch a girlfriend if he’d only leave off that llama head once in a while. He seemed sad to see the boys go.

Once Harvey and Gareth were gone Colby was alone in that huge house. He moved his stuff from his upstairs bedroom into Harvey’s old room downstairs for the last semester. And he didn’t waste any time calling MacKenzie now that he’d met her at Chelsea and Holly’s. He got his first kiss from Miss MacKenzie at Chelsea and Holly's. He hoped to have more kisses tonight and he was not disappointed. He thought she was the prettiest sweetest girl he'd ever known. Finally his crush on Lori was a thing of the past.

At last it was time for his own graduation and departure for home. Darned if he didn’t end up in old man plaid shorts, too. He hoped no one saw him as he slunk toward the taxi. 

 And just like that their crazy fun days of Horrible House were over.


Chelsea and Holly

The house Chelsea and Holly rented turned out to be the same one Mike and Lucy had stayed in. A very cozy and clean place.  
The girls’ main fun when not studying or attending class was playing SSX3 and EA Sport. Holly also had a synthesizer upstairs since there was not room for a piano.
Chelsea kept in close contact with Trey Lassiter, but their schedules conflicted so much of the time that it was a real event when they actually saw each other in person. The same was true for Holly and Andy Lomax.

Chelsea was polishing her cooking skills all the time and frequently made chili and spaghetti.

Andy had shaved off his beard in his senior year and cut his hair short. Holly thought he looked seriously cute. Suddenly she could picture him as a husband and father, even though he still frequently wore leather vests.

They were much more involved than they had been in Pinenut, Chelsea expected them to announce any day that they were either engaged or moving in together. She was happy for them except that if they did move in together Chelsea would have no one with which to share rent.Unless Trey was interested...

Trey came over for dinner and Chelsea invited him to spend the night. She made a pancake breakfast for him in the morning, the better to illustrate her domestic skills. Holly was fine with that since she really liked pancakes.

But Holly stayed with Chelsea and Trey seemed well satisfied with the house he and Andy were renting.

Meanwhile, there were many days of working on term papers, eating cereal for breakfast, and more EA Sports

Holly was really excited when her parents came to visit and brought her little sister, Debbie, who was now in high school. Holly could scarcely believe she was so grown up. But it was also hard to accept that her parents had aged. Suddenly they were seniors. Holly's father, Shep, looked almost the same except for his white hair, but her mother, Madeleine seemed almost unrecognizable. She looked pretty but very different from the mother Holly had always known. Madeleine didn't mention having any plastic surgery so Holly did not want to bring it up.

Holly tried her hand at making spaghetti for everyone and it turned out perfect. Her mother was very complimentary. The Fergusons stayed until dark and Holly realized that, although she was frequently homesick, more and more she had a life of her own now. She would be going back home after graduation, but did not plan to stay there long.

Class assignments had to be done every day but sometimes they taxed Holly’s brain. She’d majored in drama but Advanced Stagecraft and Acting Theory were harder than they sounded.

A cow doing her/his homework on your back porch was something you accepted after a while when you went to University. No big deal. Sometimes when you made friends with a professor they came by your house night and day. 

The girls were diligent about paying their bills and one day when she was doing so Chelsea met a sweet freshman named MacKenzie Fairchild as she was walking along to the library. MacKenzie was very pretty and outgoing, but not brash or coarse. Chelsea thought she might be perfect for Colby Goth. Lori Lassiter had contacted Chelsea a couple months ago to say Melanie and she wanted to find someone for shy Colby, but Lori had been forbidden by Harvey to match-make. Could Chelsea keep an eye out for likely prospects? Now Chelsea had to plan a little bit to get both MacKenzie and Colby here without making them suspicious. She told her plans to Holly.

The minute they met it was instant magic as far as Chelsea could tell. It looked like Colby might get his first kiss so Chelsea and Holly made excuses to leave the room for a short while. By the end of the evening Colby had asked for MacKenzie’s number and vice versa. They seemed to hate saying goodby. The rest was up to Colby...

It was next to the last day of their senior year and the girls did their assignments. The following day after finals they said their temporary goodbyes to each other and their permanent goodbyes to Sim State University. It had been memorable four years.


Sim Girl said...

Colby & MacKenzie are sooooo cute together! XD!!! Nice wrap up for these simmies!

Lorelei said...

I think so too :)