Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Shep Ferguson Family - Ch. 2

Following my post from  October 4.

When I wrote Ch. 1, there was virtually no story, only the information on how I made this particular family, based on the film actors, James Stewart and Kim Novak and characters they played in two movies. Since that time the Ferguson's oldest daughter, Gillian, had her baby, a little boy named after both his grandfathers (Bob Blackford and Shep);  Robert Sheppard. They called the baby Robby. Jeremy and Gillian lived right next door to Shep and Madeleine. It was a rather big house because they expected to have more children.

Second daughter Margo was awaiting the arrival of her first baby.  She and her husband Kevin Candeloro lived in the center of Pleasantville. Nicky had moved out of town for the time being. So the only children at home were the twins Harvey and Holly.

During the cold winter, mostly shut inside, the twins still found ways to keep busy. Holly went ice-skating at Wonderland with Lori Lassiter. Harvey and Holly had to exercise a lot, sometimes they swam in the heated pool. It didn't seem fair that the adults worked on the exercise machine for 20 minutes and kept trim, but the kids had to do calisthenics or swim for at least an hour or they would get little pot bellies. Afterward they were thirsty and they both loved to drink fruit juice.

 Harvey still loved gaming and when the snow disappeared for a day or two he was out on the Tribal Flame a la Coconut Pinball machine his brother Nicky left behind. Holly still took piano lessons.

Madeleine had not worked outside the home since she began having children. She did not believe in maids or any kind of servants and did all her own cooking and cleaning. Of course even the best cook has her off days. Once in a great while she burned something which really depressed her. She loved to sew and made many of the clothes her family wore and even sewed curtains for her dining room. Shopping was another interest of hers and she didn't let cold weather keep her home.

The twins were always bringing their friends home for supper, like Skylar Scott and Andy Lomax or Tina Traveler. They'd play rock-paper-scissors, Sims or SSX3. Sometimes they colored or built things with their Lego set.

It seemed like spring would never come, but finally the snow melted away and the flowers began to peek out of the ground. That meant it was fishing time. Shep was teaching the twins how to fish. As for Madeleine, she was getting almost as good as Shep.

One day in early spring Holly brought home a new girl, Debbie. Madeleine was surprised because the child was a few grades younger than the twins. While they were having supper, Madeleine said, “My, it’s getting late. What’s your phone number, sweetheart, and we’ll call your mommy to let her know we’re bringing you home, she must be worried to death.”

“I don’t have a mommy,” Debbie looked at her.

“Oh, well then we’ll call your daddy,”

“I don’t have a daddy either.”

Madeleine looked at Holly; who burst out,

“She’s an orphanage, she told me!”

“I’m an orphan,” Debbie corrected solemnly in a soft voice. Madeleine looked at Shep,

“So you live in the Children’s Home?”


"Well, I’m sure they will be concerned so I’ll call. You don’t have to rush your dinner; we’ll take you home in a bit.”

Madeleine went right then to call. The home had no idea that Debbie got off the bus with Holly and Harvey. When she said she had no parents, Holly thought that was just horrible and she just decided to bring her home.

So the Fergusons took Debbie back that night. When they got home, Madeleine spoke to Holly, “You mustn’t bring home children without getting permission for them to get off the bus, Holly, you know that. Failing that, you should have at least let me know right away so I could call the children’s home to get permission.”

“I didn’t want her to go home to that orphanage! She shouldn’t be all alone.”

“I know how you feel, but we still have to follow the rules. I'm surprised the home didn't put an Amber Alert out.”

However; the next day Shep and Madeleine went to speak to the head of the Pleasantview Children’s Home. The upshot was that they took Debbie in as their youngest child. Madeleine put her in the bedroom with Holly and moved Harvey to Nicky’s old room. Then she took Holly aside,

“I want you to be protective of her and help Debbie through things and encourage her. This will be a big change for her, Holly. I’m counting on you; you’re older than she is by four years, and I know you’ll be my kind sweet girl and give her a second, a third, and a fourth chance. Try to be patient and understanding.”

Holly was so happy they were giving Debbie a home that she nodded and said, "I promise, Mom! I'll be a really good older sister."

"That's my good girl."

Madeleine found Debbie automatically helping with chores the way she was taught at the children's home. She’d make everyone’s beds, and clear the table. Much better than Holly and Harvey!

She was just cute as a button and followed Shep around like a puppy and did he love it.When she brought home her first A+ Debbie was simply ecstatic and Madeleine made a big fuss over her.

First morning in her new home:

One the weekends the family frequently enjoyed the pool and Madeleine would barbeque chicken or grill chop or steaks. Sometimes she grilled shrimp or fresh fish.

The twins had taken swimming lessons, and could execute almost any kind of dive, although one time Holly nearly landed on Debbie. Madeleine, however, usually belly-flopped.

Spring had been wonderful, especially with the new addition to the family. The prospect of a beautiful summer stretched before them.



Sim Girl said...

What a beautiful family! I love the Pinball setup there, that is awesome. Debbies a helpful hand! Cute :D

Lorelei said...

Yeah, that pinball machine is one they get when they try for the gaming career. Has great sound effects! :D Even better; they make money every time they play it.

Glad you liked the update :)