Saturday, December 11, 2010

Author's Note

I’m a real novice at doing a Sims 2 stories blog. When I started the blog I mostly wanted to show off my self-created Sims with descriptions and pictures, but then after reading quite a few people’s Sims stories I liked the idea of telling my own Sims 2 stories. At first I was just explaining their background, so I threw a lot of characters that I liked onto my blog. I probably should have just done a couple families. However; I have several families interconnected so it would have been difficult at best. Then I began playing and after a couple days of the game I would relate what had happened. I did not plan ahead. That’s fun all right. But I began to form some simple plots based not only on my playing but also on whatever photos I took during the game that I especially liked. (I’ve dabbled in creative writing and probably that’s why I like this aspect of the game so much).

Unfortunately, I have now managed to write myself into a corner on one story thread. The other thing that caused the problem is that I was in the game and a character I had sent to the bin temporarily showed up in the middle of playing, much to my surprise. I decided to use him as minor character that would not last more than a couple chapters and possibly be a villain. He took it upon himself to become a main player, though, rendering parts of previous chapters useless. He will figure predominantly in my story and has become a good guy, if somewhat troubled by his past. No matter how I’ve tried, I can’t finish the earlier storyline the way I wished. It is irrelevant now since that character is no longer the bad guy. So I will have to shorten a couple of previous chapters to delete the unfinished thread. These will mainly be sections of recent chapters on the John Lassiter family, and the Glenn Caswell family.

My apologies, but I’m still learning as I go. I hope I can decide whether to play first and then tell the story (I’m so bad about micro-managing my Sims that I don’t think I can do that) or write out a skeleton plot ahead of time and then manipulate my play. There will still be surprises no matter what but that’s one thing I love about Sims 2. What I guess I’ll also need to do is write and play much farther ahead to make sure it’s coming out all right before I post.  Please bear with me, if you will.

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Sim Girl said...

I hate it when I'm planning small parts for someone then they take over hehe. :D That has not happened so far with the Fullers, so that's good!