Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lassiters Ch. 5 Back Home Again Pt. 2

Winter seemed to finally be waning by March when the snow had pretty much ceased. It was true, though, that temperatures remained just above freezing. Then quietly, early one Thursday evening, it began to silently snow, and by midnight it was a blizzard complete with howling winds. The next morning the storm had stopped but Pleasantville was once more covered with heavy drifts of snow. The kids were ecstatic—they had a snow day and it was Friday. Three days of fun! Early in the morning they were outside making a snowman and snow angels.

The next morning Trey and Lori implored their parents to come out in the snow, so John and Melora bundled up and soon there were snowball fights going on in both the front yard and the back.

Although it was really fun, the adults were ready to call it quits before the kids were. It was early afternoon. Making cocoa "on tap” as John called it, Melora knew the twins would want some when they came in later. To her surprise in just a few minutes Trey and Lori came bursting in, shivering. They were cold, they were wet and they quickly grabbed mugs to get the cocoa.  Melora declared the next thing on the agenda must be hot baths for all.


antebello said...

After I finished Lori's chapters as an adult, I decided to go back and try to read from the very first chapter. So while it's a little confusing to figure out which chapters go where if I'm mixing storylines, it's very rewarding. I am really enjoying your story, it makes me want to reinstall Sims 2 so I can properly play things like University and OFB. And while I never used Bon Voyage, I would like to play with it, your families always seem to have fun on vacation. :D Still reading, I'll try to remember to not get wrapped up and comment more, though I'm not sure if you get my comments on your older posts.

Lorelei said...

Yep, I do get your comments on older posts :D It makes me so happy that you are taking the time to go back and read her history! Keep in mind my early chapters are very rough as I learned exactly how I wanted to write about my Simmies. The chapters that detail Lori (and Trey) in their teen years is about when I really began to tell the story using plotlines!