Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Larry Max Lomax Family Ch. 1 Newcomers to Pleasantview

The Lomax family moved to Pleasantview from a college town in North Carolina. Jenny Lomax had been a close friend of Melora Lassiter for years. Larry Max wanted to try a new career in the culinary business, but he definitely had to start at the bottom. Larry Max and Jenny had four kids; teenage Mike, Chelsea and Corky who are in grade school, and a toddler, Andy.

Larry Max and Jenny put nearly all their money into the new home and struggled to make ends meet between Larry Max’s salary and some money they put aside for expenses. Larry Max would rather Jenny not work unless absolutely necessary while Andy was so small. 

Jenny loved her children, but she had a restless heart. She was married in her senior year of high school and felt somehow she had missed some experiences along the way. Larry Max was working long hours and doesn't seem to notice Jenny's moodiness. But then, they always had a good relationship until recently. And even then, when Larry Max is home, and not so distracted he and Jenny still enjoyed each other's company.

One thing for sure, the family had some great kids. Even though Mike was at that hard to handle teenage stage, he was good about helping out at home. Not long after they moved, he met Lalique Flynn who lived nearby and was quite taken with her, but she was a senior going steady with Dana Brecht while Mike was only 13. However; she was happy to be his friend.

Then there was the irrepressible Chelsea. She looked just like her mother and never knew a stranger. She probably made the most friends the fastest of the entire family. She often played with Andy in the playroom, he mostly chews on the blocks at this stage.

Over at Damon Ottomas house

With Elise Miguel

With Lori Lassiter

Having supper at Elle Broke's house:

Corky was a little shy (but really only in comparison to Chelsea!) He made friends though and did extremely well in school. He also loved playing the piano like his father. 

Corky with his friend Colby Trimble.

And Andy was just the adorable and adored baby of the family

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