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The Errol Flynn family Ch. 1 - I Love Movies

I decided to base two new Sims on two of my favorite old time movie actors, Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland. These two were frequent costars in a number of movies, some of my favorites being "They Died With Their Boots On", "Robin Hood" and "Captain Blood". In real life they never married although later on it was revealed that probably Errol was very attracted to Olivia, and she was attracted to him, too, but she was a little afraid of him and his reputation. This handsome actor was a womanizer, a hard drinker and took many prescription drugs from a Dr. Feelgood. Sadly, his life ended when he was only 50 when his body just gave out on him. Olivia went on to more and more fame (she was Melanie in GWTW, and got an Oscar for The Heiress among other things) and she is still alive at 94! Forgive me if my Sims don't do them justice in any way, shape or form. My ability to copy someone as a Sim is still minimal. Is he not beautiful?

Basil Rathbone as Sir Guy of Gisbourne joking with Olivia on the set of Robin Hood.

So here is my feeble attempt at making an Errol and an Olivia:

So, in my world of Loriland, Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland married and moved away from Hollywood, thus saving Errol’s life since he gave up booze, women and drugs. When they moved to their beautiful art deco mansion in Pleasantview they had a teenage daughter, Yvette. Still craving excitement, Errol went into the espionage field and eventually became head of the SCIA for a time. He was a master fisherman who sold masterpiece paintings, played the piano and decided to try his his hand at journalism.

Olivia went into teaching, rising (as most of my Sims do) to the top of her field. Along the way she and Errol had two more daughters, Lalique and Melanie. All three girls had Olivia’s dark hair and brown eyes. Olivia resigned her position and spent her days painting and writing novels, one of them a best-seller, “Fire and Ice”.

First daughter Yvette grew up and married a newcomer to Pleasantview, (a recent addition, but a long-time close friend to the Lassiters and the Brechts), Mark Wilson.

Lalique in her bedroom, note the mirrors and barre; she loved ballet

Lalique knew by the time she was fifteen that she wanted to go into education as her mother did. She still loved music and dancing. All the teenage boys had been hanging around, but her heart was true to her steady, Devon Brecht. He often had dinner over at their house.

Errol and Olivia did not really plan on having a third daughter, but Melanie was a joy to them both. When she was nine she was an excellent student. She loved swimming, playing the piano, playing with her doll house and reading. She had many friends including Lori Lassiter, Holly and Harvey Ferguson, Elle Broke, Colby Trimble, Lucy Burb and Lisa Trottier.

The Flynn Art Deco mansion

Above portraits L to R: Melanie as a toddler, Lalique as a child and Yvette as a teenager

Another robbery upset the whole family early one morning before light (luckily little Melanie did not wake up). Home invasion was a real problem in Pleasantview. For a lovely quiet small town it seemed to be overrun with fiendish burglars who mainly came at night. Before Errol could catch the thief and punch his lights out, the authorities were there. However; the policeman seemed unequal to his task and the burglar escaped. The officer merely shrugged and said, "Guess I'm not the cop I thought I was." Olivia had to take her husband's arm and say "Count to ten, dear" to keep him from saying what he thought of that stupid statement. They both wished the police had not even showed up in this case. Errol could have dispatched this criminal in short order, whether a he or she. Lalique was terrified and in tears and had to be calmed down before they could all go on with their day.

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