Friday, November 16, 2012

Brian Ottomas Ch. 23 Vacation in Paradise Part 2

When the Ottomas family got to the Twikkii Boardwalk the first thing they did was hit the refreshing surf.

Heath wanted to learn the fire dance and, the others stood around cheering him on. This large family was nothing if not supportive of each other.

Brian and meadow stretched out on the lounge chairs provided on the beach. There was a breeze and it brought the smell of the salt and the sea. The seagulls crying punctuated the sound of the lulling surf.

"Ah, relaxation at last," Brian remarked, "I always think it takes at least 24 hours to leave everyday cares behind and slow down the pace when we come to Twikkii."

"So by tonight we should really be in a tropical mood," Meadow teased, "Wanna fool around after the kids are asleep tonight?"

Brian laid his head back, closed his eyes while a smug smile played around his mouth,

"Yes, ma'am."

Brook had come in from the water and was working on her tan while little Raine began building a sandcastle.

Evening at the boardwalk meant time for eating Luau Ribs and Pineapple Surprise and playing pinball.

It was early, early the next morning when Raine stood silently beside her parents' bed, waiting for them to wake up. Every so often she cleared her throat noisily and, when they barely moved, she coughed loud and long.

"Our wake-up call," Brian said wryly to Meadow as he sat up then headed downstairs to shower.

Brook told her mom and Willow she was going to have a protein drink for breakfast so she could pig out the rest of the day. The teenagers had decided to forego the day's activities and stick around the house then take the car and find their own adventures checking out the nightlife on the island.

Brian and Meadow were taking the three youngest across the street to South Beach where the pirate ship awaited.

As soon as they arrived Rocky, Raine and North took the stairs to the ship while Brian and Meadow went swimming nearby.

Raine climbed up to the crow's nest while North had a little swordplay with the pirate dummy and Rocky pretended to man the wheel.

After he'd explored the ship Rocky wanted a dip in the ocean to cool off while his parents headed for the lounges to relax and keep an eye on him and the twins who were half asleep on their beach towels.

When the family returned in the afternoon Heath drove the girls to "The Deck" restaurant and night club but first, they had to do a little showing off at the pool there.

Nighttime at The Deck included dinner al fresco, dancing and Heath got a chance to take a turn at being the disc jockey.

At home Raine stayed close to Momma and Daddy on the deck outside their bedroom.

"Well, I guess we're the 'older generation' now," Meadow sighed, "How did that happen anyway?"

"Yeah, sweetheart, I don't know how we got so old so fast," Brian agreed with a crooked grin, "But having six kids probably had something to do with it."

The next morning was another day to just enjoy the yard and the pool. After his morning shower Heath practiced his moves in the bathroom mirror.

The week was going by quickly. Rocky and North played on the playground and Heath frequently dozed in the hammock.

"Every since he became a teenager that kid spends all his time at home either feeding his face or sacked out on the nearest couch or in this case the hammock," Brian remarked.

“He can be a slacker all right and definitely an eating machine,” Meadow laughed, “But he does do some of the cooking and helps with the dog and the twins so I think we can keep him.”

“Yeah, that’s so. And he’ll be heading to college soon. Better enjoy having him here while we can.”

“Oh, Brian, I don’t know if I can bear to let him go,” Meadow confessed wistfully.

“Sweetheart, you can’t keep him tied to your apron strings forever. It will be an adventure for him and he’ll learn more than is on the curriculum—just not too much more I hope.”

Brian enjoyed the pool while Meadow enjoyed watching him. After all these years they were still crazy about each other.

Raine was a water baby, almost always in the pool and sooner or later North joined her.

Brook and Willow worked on their tans and gossiped about the boys back home. Their hopes to meet some tanned and exotic beachboys were dwindling with each new day, hence the return of the interest in the local boys.

Later Willow tried her hand at raking the zen garden in the front yard while Raine, told by her mother to get out of the sun for a while, enjoyed the plethora of children’s books in the upstairs reading nook.

When Meadow realized North had managed to get burned in spite of her best efforts with a sun block she sent him and Rocky inside to play a game of Don't Wake the Llama. 

The sun went down and Brook came inside. After sunbathing too long she was overheated and a bit dehydrated so she hurled a couple of glasses of cold water from the kitchen sink down her parched throat and then went to the den to read one of the coffee table books there. It was on Hollywood stars of long ago and she loved old movies. 

Willow was reading a risque novel she'd been surprised and elated to find in the bookcase in the living room and hoped her mother would not notice the title. As far as Willow was concerned it was very educational and that would be her explanation if either of her parents noticed. 

Mealtimes for adults and teens tended to be whenever anyone got the notion, but Brian and Meadow always made sure that the three youngest got nutritional meals three times a day and healthy snacks in between, usually fresh fruit or raw vegetables.

On the last day there was a quick game of DWTL before Brian and Meadow took the three youngest to Paradise Park. Rocky, North and Raine had been psyched since the night before to hit the park.

The Ferris wheel and the old-fashioned carousel were the first point of interest for the kids. Brian even took a turn on the Ferris wheel with Rocky while Meadow sat on a park bench in front of the carousel where she could watch the twins who waved at her the whole time they were on the ride. Then she took them on a little hike around the park following the trail.

Meadow preferred the twins stick with her at the pool. They were not strong swimmers yet and she didn't want them in the pond. Brian took Rocky in the pond, though--he'd had lessons for the last three summers and with only one child to oversee Brian would be able to stick close by his side. 


That night Heath, Brook and Willow went to the mineral springs where they also enjoyed the sauna there.

Afterward they went to the shack to have supper where Brook and Heath ordered the Luau ribs again, but Willow wanted Pineapple Surprise.

When they got back to Sintara it was sadly time to leave Twikkii Island for Pleasantview and home. Their yearly wonderful island vacation was over.